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TFB Short Clips

35 Animal Memes to Get You Through the Week

I really don’t understand what the big deal is.


And this and this and this.

It’s cute until they start asking you how to do things.


Ugh god why are you so SLOW.


Knower of all things breakfast.

HA no.

Oh… you’re home early.

No no no no no no no.

Me every Monday at 11am.

Not cool, Mom, not cool.

They’re innocent fluffs of love!

Don’t worry, he’s just being petty.

Me when people ask about my boss

HAHAHA you thought.

Get a dog, they said. It’ll protect you, they said.


I’ll never understand you, human.

When you’re good at directions, but better at being cute.

We have so many things in common.

Wait let me fluff my tail.

Can I help you with something?

Me @ everyone.

No guilty conscious here.

Really Susan, REALLY?


My friends say I’m subtle.

Why wasn’t my first day this cute?

Such poise.

Dream Big.

When you find out you have a weird step-sibling

Can I find something to love this much?


*Waddles away with top hat and cane*

Damnit John do not test me.

Really, just stop.


Obviously, peasants.

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