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40 Funny Quotes About Life

A common problem.


Sounds good!


It’s a long list.


This is true.


It’s called being an adult.


That would work.


So would we all.


Fueled by coffee.



Works for me!


Which lis is more important?


We don’t always have all the right tools.


And I’m right all the time.


On the daily.


An unfortunate fact of life.


Add in a cat and your workouts for the week are done.


Give it to me straight!


Seems fair.


Ain’t that the truth.


All you need to destress.


Goals for 2019!




Bread and circuses.


Welcome to adulthood.




That’s one way to look at it.




Great advice and accurate to boot!


A constant problem.


Always carry a cupcake.


It’s the world’s biggest pork barrel project.


A simple tit for tat.


Can’t win over everyone.


Unfortunately true in winter.




Go get em!


Goals for 2019.


Thanks, mom.


Can I use this for all my mistakes?


Break your patterns.



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