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An Inside Look At The Army’s IronMan 500 Round Backpack

Because screw reloading. The United States Army developed the IronMan backpack a while back and it is capable of holding 500 rounds. This video walks you through the whole system – from development all the way to how to set it up and use it. Be sure to follow Man Stuff on Google+.

Rapid Equipping Force: From Ideas to Solutions (Short Version). HD Video by Sgt. Rodney Roldan | American Forces Network Afghanistan | Date: 07.14.2014. The Rapid Equipping Force on Bagram Airfield, harnesses current and emerging technologies to provide immediate solutions to the urgent challenges of U.S. Army forces deployed in Afghanistan. The REF designed the prototype for the 500 Round Ammunition Pack System or “IRONMAN”, which took a soldier’s concept for an ammunition backpack. Available in high definition.

The folks at NSRDEC substituted a MOLLE medium frame for the ALICE frame. The ammo compartment now uses polycarbonate plastic instead of the original tin. Until NSRDEC can come up with a simpler, more cost-effective substitute, the ammo will continue to move through a 27-inch-long, $1,710 feed chute designed for the CROWS, which the Guardsmen had employed.

“I knew in order for this to work, it needed to be as modular as possible,” Roy said. “It needed to be based off of a current technology. We were able to put everything together very quickly and were able to prove that with a combat load — that’s 43 pounds with 500 rounds, inclusive of the weight of the kit itself — that still gives the Soldier 17 pounds worth of cargo weight to attach to the frame and still be within the design specifications for the MOLLE medium.” Via –

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