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If there’s one thing we know about sloths, it must be that they don’t live life in the fast lane. Sloths like to take things easy and while some might call them lazy, their cuteness makes up for that! These upcoming pictures are so adorable that they will make your day better!

20. Costa Rica Sanctuary

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Our story starts in Costa Rica where Sam Trull went to study primates. However, everything changed after she met her first sloth! Keep reading to see what she had to say about these cute little guys.

19. Meeting The First Sloth

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“I moved to Costa Rica to work with primates. Then I met my first sloth – and the rest is history”, said Sam Trull. The woman started working at a wildlife refuge and earned this amazing nickname.

18. Mother Of Sloths

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Sam Trull began working at a wildlife refuge that’s run by Kids Saving the Rainforest. Her main job was to rescue orphaned or abandoned sloths. This is how she earned the “Mother of Sloths” nickname.

17. Releasing Them Into The Wild

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The main goal of the rescue center was to release the sloths back into the wild. However, Sam Trull needed to help them grow bigger and teach them how to survive on their own at first. This will prove to be a much difficult task than expected.

16. Brilliant Idea

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Sam came up with a brilliant idea which was going to help raise awareness about sloths and help the rescue center get some funding through donations. What do you think her idea was?

15. Slothlove

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Sam’s brilliant idea was to capture photos of the cute orphaned sloths that she saves. Sam took all those pictures and put them in a special book called “Slothlove”. Do you think Sam’s plan to raise funds worked?

14. Gathering Funds

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Luckily, the book quickly became popular and this helped Sam gather funds for the rescue center. This was an amazing thing she was doing, but it wasn’t only about the donations.

13. Cute Babies

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Seeing how cute these baby sloths are, no one should be shocked to find out that Sam’s “Slothlove” became an instant hit. However, this wasn’t the only thing that Sam planned to do with the book. Check out the next pictures to see what Sam’s original plans for the book were.

12. Helping With Research

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Even though Sam is praised for taking adorable photos, these images are helping researchers all over the world. Not only that, but the photos are also used for this next thing…

11. Educating People

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Another great use for these adorable pictures is to teach people about sloths and wildlife in general. Sam hopes that once people see how cute sloths are, they will start helping them out more.

10. A Helping Hand

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Even though we might not like to accept this, we all need a helping hand every now and then. Did you know that some baby sloths are smaller than a human hand?

9. Surviving the Wildlife

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While it might seem like Sam’s job is just to take cute pictures and to post them online, this is not the case. Sam needs to teach these orphaned babies how to fend for themselves in order to survive the wildlife.

8. Small Chances of Survival

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Considering that sloths are super small and that they are not very fast, their chances of survival are small. The jungle is filled with predators who are constantly looking for prey. Luckily, this is where Sam and the rescue center come in.

7. Little Human Contact

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Sam and the rescuers do their best to avoid human contact with the sloths because they don’t want them to get used to being taken care off. The next picture will make your heart melt!

6. Hungry Fella

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Isn’t this sloth the most adorable thing ever? As we can clearly tell, these little guys can get quite hungry. The next sloth on our list will perform some acrobatic tricks for you.

5. Acrobatic Tricks

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This sloth must be a fan of Spiderman! Jokes aside, let’s check out how Sam and the rescue center release these animals into the wildlife while making sure that they don’t get eaten by predators.

4. “Soft” Releases

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The rescuers use a “soft” releasing technique with the sloths. What this technique means is that the rescuers let the sloths out in the wild for a couple hours every day. Why they do this?

3. Getting Used To The Jungle

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The sloths need to get used to the jungle. Therefore, the rescuers don’t just throw them out into the wildlife and take them step by step instead.

2. Don’t Buy Sloths!

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While releasing orphaned sloths into the wildlife is the rescue’s main priority, they are also trying to stop people from buying sloths. The rescuers are saying that there are many people who steal sloths from the jungle and sell them to tourists. Sadly, the sloths don’t live too long as pets.

1.Messy Hair

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Just look at how cute this sloth looks like with that messy hair! Let’s hope the rescue center thrives and it’s able to keep on saving orphaned and abandoned sloths, because they are surely going to have a hard time making it in the jungle without any guidance from their family.

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