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Featuring: The DIY Useless Box for People Who Are Looking to Kill Time

Its only purpose is to irritate your boss, friends or pesky neighbors who have been on your bucket list for a long time. Admittedly, if you have been deciding on making a comeback, The Useless Box kit will serve its purpose in that context. It is fiddly, it has approx. one million nuts and bolts (figuratively stating, not literally… duh), and once it is assembled, a black mechanical finger pops out every damn time you flip the switch On. Got it? Still a little complicated, I’ll explain it a bit further.

Umm… it is useful actually – In a sense that the box appears to be “purposeful” as long as it is not assembled properly. The moment, it is assembled, the “uselessness” kicks in with a bunch of extra features that are equally useless!5 2

At its core, the Useless Box comes as a DIY project with minimum and confusing instructions. It is a perfect gift idea for nerdy, or geeky individuals, who have a lot of time at their hands, and want to assemble something. That being said, I do believe that the Useless Box is a creative invention; it is just that it doesn’t serve any special purpose. Who in his right mind would create a product like this? I don’t know for sure, and I don’t think anyone other than the Useless Box’s creators know the answer to this question.

Moving on, the box behaves like that special friend in your group who is a bit retarded. You want to like him, but every time he opens his mouth, you hope to God that it doesn’t happen again. But then again, you grow fond of that friend as time goes by, and somewhere in the back of your mind, his memory clings on forever and ever.6 2

The Useless Box comes in two colors: silver and black. Personally, I like the Black variation because it kind of has an evil vibe to it. Especially, if you are considering buying a glow LED bulb edition, the box grows on you as part of its unique nature. In some way, you anticipate the inevitable whenever the knob is switched to On position and the light begins to glow. If not for the finger, the box gives the impression that it might explode and blow you to smithereens.3 2

This “awesome” feat of geometric insignificance will take you either a couple of days, or perhaps a few weeks to assemble. However, if you are not up for a challenge, then you can buy the ‘Pre-Assembled’ version of the Useless Box. The fun will continue as long as you keep flipping the switch over and over again. It is like that phrase where the finger replaces an actual person and says, “Don’t do it human! I dare you to flip that switch lest you wish to be sucked into the galactic oblivion.”

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