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Wetsleeve Wearable Hydration Sleeve for Men and Women

The Wetsleeve Wearable Hydration sleeve is for men and women with an active exercise regime. Granted that this portable sleeve can offer oodles of hydration solutions, even normal office going folks can strap-on a Wetsleeve for a few hours. The point is that this product is designed to keep its wearers hydrated through a portable liquid reservoir strapped whenever and wherever it is needed.

Plus, you don’t have to feel the tugging sensation or the actual weight of a water bottle, which can be a little cumbersome for athletes at times. This wearable hydration sleeve was released by Wetsleeve Inc.; they are a bunch of experts based out in Brooklyn. They introduced their product for the first time at Kickstarter. As of right now, Wetsleeve Wearable Hydration Kickstarter project has 31 more days to go until funding is closed.5

Already, they have achieved the funding milestone so I’d say that they’re out of the woods. You can see the details at their Kickstarter page. Apparently, hundreds of people liked the idea of a portable water sleeve which does not come with the bulky weight of a traditional water bottle.

12 Ounces of FDA Approved Goodness!

Yep, it is FDA approved and comes with guaranteed solution to quench an athlete’s thirst once and for all. The only downside to this portable system is that it stores 12 ounces of water at the moment. The Wetsleeve team is aware of the beta tester user concerns, and they might end up introducing multiple versions with added water storage capacity. But for the time being, this is a 12 ounce carrying solution whether you are looking to add water, caffeinated drinks or plain old rum n’ gin in there.4

How Does it Work?

The idea of Wetsleeve is very simple and intuitive. Users need to fill the sleeve through the nozzle, and then strap it on their arm prior to active use. That’s it. There is no other science, batteries or logic involved in it. Whenever you need to drink water, just use the retractable nozzle located at the side of the sleeve.2

After you are done, the nozzle automatically slides back into place, so there’s no need to push it back in. The folks at Wetsleeve like to think that they have created a product based out of necessity. I am assuming that some of them are marathon runners, hikers or joggers, which is why they created the product to help fellow community members, who are facing the same dilemma.

Pricing and Refunds?

There isn’t a refund policy on Wetsleeve Wearable Hydration system. Since this is an active funded project at Kickstarter, you can drop a comment about any issues you are having. They will be more than happy to assist you with replacements.

Word of Advice and Closing Thoughts

The idea of a wearable water storage system has always appealed to people. You don’t have to be an active jogger, or hitchhiker to qualify as a Wetsleeve user; campers and outdoorsmen have equally benefited from the product at their end.7

The best part about this sleeve is that the top notch fabric is breathable, and comes with an insulated mesh to help stabilize the water temperature. You can preserve your 12 ounces of cold water for a few hours without breaking a sweat.

However, for health and safety concerns, NEVER drink ice cold water while you are running, or after you have completed your workout. Your lungs will go into a hemorrhage due to sudden gush of water intake, so my advice would be to use Wetsleeve Wearable Hydration sleeve for water reserves maintained at room temperature. Good luck and don’t forget to share your thoughts through the comments section below.

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