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Introducing Black Insomnia’s Black Hydro Caffeinated Water

Oh boy, I knew that one of these popular coffee companies would be releasing a watery version of caffeinated drinks. It had to be Black Insomnia; the same company that dethroned Death Wish and earned the “coffee peoples” loyalty as the next most powerful brand. With Black Hydro; Black Insomnia is happily claiming that their new caffeinated mineral water reserves are going to kick you in the face with a dose of much needed caffeine.

Pack Of Black Hydro Bottles

Black Hydro Sounds Cool, Are There Health Concerns?

I am so glad that you asked this. First of all, trust me when I say that the caffeine kick’s going to be so strong that it’ll send slowmo vibrations across your face, all the way back through the time continuum. However, there’s one thing that I am not so sure about right now – i.e. you cannot remain hydrated on caffeinated water.

While it is true that the advertisement at Black Insomnia Black Hydro webpage literally says, “Need to hydrate and still get the caffeine kick that only Black Insomnia can provide?”, the hydration part is what doctors disagree with. In fact, you don’t really have to be a doctor to prove this thing. If you drink coffee regularly, you know that as soon as you take excess amount of caffeine in one day, your head starts to throb and it kind of stings all over your arms and hands. That’s your body telling you to stop and smack some sense into your head.

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Now don’t get me wrong; I am a huge caffeine junkie myself. But from one junkie to another junkie, I think that Black Hydro is an amazing product as long as it’s taken in moderation. You can get the “kick” at any part of the day without brewing yourself a cup of coffee. This thing can come in handy when you are seriously committed to finishing an assignment – and that too on the very last day before the due date!

But on the same note, you should not consume too much of Black Hydro caffeinated mineral water. Your lips will feel parched and after 8 – 10 hours, your body will eventually require actual water, instead of some fancy product promising all the minerals equivalent to real water and blah blah.

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Black Hydro – Mineral Water with pH 7.5 and 100 Mg Caffeine Per Bottle:

Yep, that’s right. The masthead everywhere says that this is the finest and purest form of mineral water. Each bottle of Black Hydro consists of roughly 100 Mg of caffeine. On a personal level, I consume more than 200 Mg of caffeine to get things going on. So I might be consuming two bottles instead of one, but it depends on my tolerance levels.

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If you are new to this, which I am sure, then use Black Hydro with a little bit of caution. Feel free to order a pack of Black Hydro to get started. Each pack consists of 12 individually sealed bottles. Refrigerate them and start with the first one in small doses.

Since Black Hydro is a brand new product, there are not a lot of reviews out there. However, the parent company: Black Insomnia has already built up a strong reputation in the market. It is safe to say that your high levels of anticipation will be met with grace and a bout of uplifted mood that you so deserve each morning.

PS: Don’t forget about Black Insomnia Cold Brew Coffee. This is a cold water coffee brew that was recently released by the company for a select group of coffee lovers. If you prefer your coffee raw or without any additives or filters, Cold Brew is definitely worth tastin’.

Black Insomnia Cold Water Coffee

Until next time, peace out and don’t forget to share your experience about Black Insomnia Black Hydro and Cold Brew Coffee through the comments section below.

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