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Break out the YETI Hopper 30 Portable Cooler when you need some serious drink cooling action

For men enjoying an afternoon in the wild or at the pier with nothing but a few bottles of beer and a couple of fishing poles, the YETI Hopper Portable Soft-Sided Cooler is a blessing in disguise. For starters, if you happen to work outside, or rely too much on enjoying your wild expeditions alone, you’re going to want a cold perspiring beer can, or a water bottle to keep you hydrated. Think about it; with the Summer season setting in a portable ice cooler is definitely worth investing in.

Yeti Hopper Portable Softsided Cooler 505

The YETI Hopper Portable Soft-Sided Cooler manufacturers claim that their cooler is the best among other market products. They even went as far as to state, and I quote, “there are some adventures where you want to grab things and just go” without giving it a second thought. That’s where a true adventurer comes in; he does not fear the harsh weather conditions. With the afternoon sun on his back, and a Yeti cooler hanging by his shoulder, nothing’s going to break this man’s stride.

Yeti Hopper Portable Softsided Cooler 504





  • The 840-denier double-layered thermoplastic covering guarantees top notch insulation against extremely high temperatures.
  • Ice can stay intact for up to 2 days!
  • Hazmat suit inspired Hydrolok zipper is a no joke. Despite the zipper mechanism, the temperature on the inside remains low as long as you don’t leave the zipper open for a really long time.
  • Exterior dry hide shell is going to withstand any degree of product mishandling as long as it occurs by an accident. It’s another thing if you decide to throw this cooler several stories down a balcony and expect it to remain intact, but even if you lug it behind your car, it’ll keep on working!

Yeti Hopper Portable Softsided Cooler 501

It gets better if you compare it with run-of-the-mill $20 portable ice coolers out there. Yep, they do keep it low for about a few hours, but with a staggering $300 price tag, Yeti is rather more serious. Dead serious. If you are still a skeptic, you can go through tons of video reviews or detailed opinions from professional campers who had the distinct pleasure of trying this cooler – they were all satisfied beyond expectations.

Yeti Hopper Portable Softsided Cooler 503

So, is the YETI Hopper Portable Soft-Sided Cooler going to keep my soda cans cool?

Sigh… if you put it that way, then yes. Even if you have forgotten to chuck in extra ice to keep the cans cold, they’ll remain super cold on their own. I’d say, even if you tie this sick puppy on a boat’s raft for days, it will still have a few cold ones in there to keep you surprised and satisfied at the same time.

Yeti Hopper Portable Softsided Cooler 502

Yeti developers literally wanted to make this cooler work as advertised. I guess they needed to create something worthy of all the rumors associated with those mythical yetis from the past ages. I wonder what a yeti would have thought about it if he ever came across this cooler? Or maybe one of the founders of this company had yeti ancestors? Who knows, and who cares – as long as we are getting a phenomenal cooling solution, we are okay with it, and so should you!

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