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Carole Baskin Memes So Funny You’ll Choke On Your Frosted Flakes

If you’ve come to this page, it’s probably because you’ve watched the TigerKing on Netflix and you wanna see more. Also, I’ll bet you’ve got your own opinion on whether Carole Baskin murdered her ex-husband and fed him to her tigers. Well, whatever your opinions may be, here are a few jokes that’s setting the internet on fire. Check out our collection of Carole Baskin memes.

Carole Baskin Memes  Innocent Eyes Of Carole Baskin

The TigerKing doesn’t believe those eyes?


Carole Baskin Memes  Would You Choose House #2
Who would choose to be in quarantine house /

quarantine cage number 2?


Carole Baskin Memes  Carole Baskin Ordering Her Interns

Carole putting her free labor interns to work.


Carole Baskin Memes  Joke About Carole Baskin Giving Relationship Advice During Covid19 Pandemic

Dear Carole advice column.


Carole Baskin Jokes And Memes  Meme About Carole Baskin'S Ex Husband In Frosted Flakes

Tony the Tiger says they’re GRRRRR-EAT!



Carole Baskin Jokes And Memes  Meme About Carole Baskin'S Ex Husband May Have Drowned

The case has gone cold, he may have drowned.



Carole Baskin Memes  Joke About How To Prove Your Innocence In The 90S

The age of innocence.


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