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Quarantine House Meme Game – Choose Your Quarantine House Now

Creative people, boredom and social media has created a viral love child that the #TigerKing himself would be proud of. If you haven’t gotten in on the action, it’s not too late, the Quarantine House Meme Game has just started taking off and everyone can join in the fun.

With everyone hunkering down at home due to coronavirus social distancing policies, anything new that can occupy your time and distract you from people you live with, cable news channels or reality in general, is a welcomed addition to life.

Quarantine House Meme Game – What is it?

Luckily, the latest viral phenomenon to spread all over the world, doesn’t give you pneumonia like COVID-19. This game is a variation of “Who would you choose to be stranded on a deserted island with?”, with a sick (pun intended) twist. We present to you, “Who would you want to be in a quarantine house with during social lockdown?”

As usual, twittersphere has exploded with hypothetical variations dreamed up by bored humans. Go through these one by one and ask your friends and family who they’d choose too!

Let the games begin

We’ll start the ball rolling with our very own:

Quarantinehouse  Disney Version By

Bonus points: What do these houses and characters have in common?

If you’re a celebrities insider:


Next is our favorite, getting some animals in the mix:


Since all the sporting events are canceled, what about some sports characters:

For all you football fans out there, how about a buffalo bills lineup version:


Of course, for those avid readers who’ve now exhausted their supply of books while they’ve been stuck in their quarantine house, here is the dead authors version:


How about our all time favorite animated family, the Simpsons version:


And finally, for a motley mix of famous (or notorious) people:


So who would you choose? Share this post with all your friends and family and kill a few hilarious hours with your friends and family! Don’t forget to explain WHY!

Choose Your Quarantine House From The House Of Mouse

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