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21 Funny Corona Memes Spreading Faster Than the Virus

Corona Memes making light of the situation resulting from the global spread of the Wuhan virus, a.k.a Novel Coronavirus, a.k.a Corona Virus, a.k.a 2019-nCoV, a.k.a SARS-CoV-2 and the associated disease Covid-19, is all the rage. Since the virus was first reported in the city of Wuhan in Hubei Province China, Memes making fun of beers, bats and body condoms have proliferated. We know that the coronavirus that causes covid-19 is more contagious than the Severe Acute Respiratory virus (SARS), the coronavirus that ravaged China in 2002, but the speed with which funny corona memes have spread through the internet dwarfs even the R-naught of COVID-19.

Jokes and Memes Cos Laughter is Good For You

Countries around the world are pulling out all stops to stop the spread of the virus. And news channels around the world aren’t helping by bombarding the public with messages of the coming apocalypse. Because of this, we feel there’s altogether too much negativity around, and since laughter is good for your immune system, we believe it’s time we change the narrative a little

The Corona Beer Memes

So now, please sit back, relax and crack open a beer (corona? Yes pun intended… ) and enjoy some light entertainment at the expense of our favorite beer in the world (cough … corona … also pun intended).

We would like to apologize in advance to Cerveceria Modelo, just in case they can’t take a joke and don’t enjoy the free publicity. Please remember folks, these are just jokes, and should not be taken personally. Please do not use these corona memes and images as an excuse to stigmatize anyone wearing masks or drinking corona beer in public.

Corona Beer Meme Featuring A Corona Bottle With Virus Logo

Now you know what the extra in “corona” stands for!

Corona Beer Meme Featuring A Combination Of Lysol Logo And Sol Beer Logo

Setting up for a Mexican standoff.

Corona Meme Of A Man Showing A Sign To A Police Saying He'S Got Corona Virus To Get Out Of A Ticket

No you don’t want to see my license or registration.

Man Wearing Snorkel And Mask While Shopping For Corona Beer In Venice

Venice’s flooding problem got all residents well prepared.

Coronavirus Meme Of A March 2020 Fine Gardening Magazine Featuring A Grave Dug In A Garden

Dark meme shows change in psychology after 3 weeks of staying at home.

Funny Coronavirus Picture Meme Featuring Will Smith Carrying An Assault Rifle To Go Get Toilet Paper

Brace yourself.

Funny Coronavirus Picture Showing How Parking Etiquette Has Changed Due To Covid

The Corona Virus has led to changes in parking etiquette.

Make Your Own Funny Memes Here!

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Coronavirus Meme Featuring A Lion On The Streets Of Moscow To Enforce Curfew

Memes that will make you #StayHome.

One Of Our Funny Corona Beer Memes Featuring A Man Drinking A Corona Beer While Wearing A Mask

That mask will keep you safe.


Coronavirus Meme Featuring Plague Happening In 100 Year Intervals

Is there some sort of pattern here?

Corona Beer Meme Quoting Buck From Ice Age

Oh have I ever lived!


Corona Beer Virus Visualized Using Corona Beer Bottles

There’s no such thing as bad press.

Meme Of Corona Virus Saying He Fears No Man But Fears An Antidote

So scary…


One Of Our Funny Coronavirus Pictures Showing Woman Wearing 10 Masks To Protect From Coronavirus

What can you do with 10 masks that you can’t do with 1?

Funny Corona Beer Meme Featuring A Bottle Of Corona Beer With A Mask

Staying safe.

One Of Our Funny Coronavirus Memes Listing Symptoms Of Coronavirus Which Includes Paranoia Meme

Do you have the virus??? Do you??

One Of The Funny Covid Memes Featuring A Man Unhooking A Woman'S Bra To Use As A Facemask

You wouldn’t want me to go out there unprotected would you?

Coronavirus Meme Showing 2 Men Sharing A Bra To Stay Safe From Corona Virus

Sharing is caring!


Man In Full Hazmat Suit Asking His Friend To Come Out And Play During Corona Virus Lockdown

Can I go play ma?


Funny Coronavirus Memes Showing Chinese Zodiac Featuring Year Of Rat Replaced By Year Of Bat

The Year of the Bat.

One Of Our Funny Covid Memes Showing Plague In China Started By Guy At Area 51 Playing Plague Inc.

It wasn’t me.

Another Of Our Funny Covid Memes Showing Joey From Friends Joking About New Plague And Expression Changes When He Hears Of News Of New Disease In China

Was that Karma?


Update 14 – Nurses Week: 2020/05/07

Cases of covid-19 total 3.3 million cases worldwide. The men and women on the front line are being recognized on Nurses Week! We’ve come up with a collection of nurses week memes in commemoration of Nurses Week. Share these nursing memes with anyone you know that’s a Nurse or Healthcare worker so you can let them know you’re thinking of them and appreciate the valiant effort they make everyday they’re at work. As a bonus, we’ve also collected some great deals from restaurants and apparel brands that all Healthcare workers are eligible for this week! Check out these Nurses Week Memes now.

Update 13 – Lysol and Disinfectant Memes: 2020/04/27

As worldwide covid-19 cases approach 3 million. Trump’s daily briefings which provided so much material for news networks and meme creators are no more. The world has clearly taken a turn for the worst. Luckily, Trump’s daily briefing mic drop moment nearly broke the internet because of the memes they inspired. Check our our collection of Lysol and Disinfectant memes.

Update 12 – Tiger King Goes Global: 2020/04/19

As the worldwide proliferation of the virus reaches every corner of the globe, so too has a documentary about a gay gun totting owner of a zoo full of tigers. Yes as people are stuck at home bingewatching Netflix, this show has become a global hit and has inspired content for talk-show hosts to the police re-opening a murder case gone cold. We have taken the opportunity to create a few memes. Enjoy!

Update 11 – Easter Corona Memes: 2020/04/12

Well it seems like the rate of spread of the Sars-CoV-2 has finally reached an inflection point and numbers are beginning to stabilize. Total numbers currently number about 1.8 million cases and over 100,000 dead. These numbers paint a truly tragic image of the scale of the loss caused by the corona virus. To illustrate again how bad things are, apparently Corona (the beer company) has announced that they have stopped production as they are not deemed as an essential service.

On a positive note, Corona also says that despite all the corona memes poking fun at the unfortunate similarity between the name of their beer and the virus, their sales have not experienced any slow downs. That’s probably due to people needing a cold one to get through their day in home quarantine. And to the many that have been in home quarantine for the past few weeks, we feel your pain. Well, in the spirit of Easter, we’ve created a little stop motion animation and published it in our collection of Easter quarantine memes just for you. Happy Easter!

Update 10 – new Corona Memes: 2020/04/02

The spread of the COVID-19 and the associated virus SARS-CoV-2 can only be described by the one word. Viral. The total number of cases worldwide is nearing 1 million. That’s almost a doubling of cases in the last 6 days alone. The world has embarked on a campaign to reduce the spread of the virus and in that spirit, we have produced hand washing meme posters and make your own mask instrucitons. We’ve also created a new batch of more relevant Corona Memes.

Update 9 #Qlympics Launch: 2020/03/27

As of the current writing we have over half a million cases of covid-19 worldwide. The US has overtaken China in total number of cases to become the country with the most infections.

Government policies to combat the spread of the coronavirus are resulting in border closures and businesses being ordered to close. These policies have also had a major effect on large world wide events. The Dubai Expo has officially been canceled and now the Tokyo Olympics has been officially been postponed to 2021.

Since mandatory quarantine orders, school closures and #StayAtHome campaigns came into effect, citizens have been driven stir crazy. In an effort to relieve all this pent up energy, rather than encourage bingewatching streaming shows, we thought we’d harness the creative juices of idle hands and inaugurate the #Qlympics Video Contest.  In memory of the 2020 Tokyo olympics, this contest is about coming up with your own sporting event, that you can compete in at home, under quarantine. Check out the details of #Qlympics Video Contest right here!

Update 8 Streaming Service Review: 2020/03/24

Since our last update the total cases of covid-19 has nearly doubled. Over 1.5 billion people are now told to quarantine, isolate, and/or have their movement and activities restricted. Perhaps to a certain extent, panic has now given way to boredom as people find themselves having way too much time on their hands. Idle hands do the devil’s work so if you’re trying to find stuff to do, maybe now is the time to choose a cable cutting package and subscribe to a streaming service. Check out our reviews here.

Update 7 Toilet Paper Shortage Corona Memes: 2020/03/18

The total cases of the covid-19 has reached 200,000. People from all walks of life, including famous people, have their lives disrupted. Authorities closed borders and restrict individual freedoms. Panicked citizens are hoarding toilet paper and hand sanitizers as supply chains are constrained due to airlines canceling flights worldwide. To keep your sanity, take a break from the news and check out these toilet paper hoarding memes.

Update 6 School’s Out Corona Memes: 2020/03/13

As of today’s writing, there are now almost 140,000 cases worldwide. Governments around the world started panicking and instituted drastic measures. School closures now affect countries outside of Asia including parts of the United States. We thought it might be a good time to introduce corona memes aimed at school being canceled. That way, at least you can take a few sane minutes out of your day to giggle and be silly before getting back to panic buying and zombie apocalypse preparations.

Update 5 Stock Market Crash Memes: 2020/03/12 evening

There are now over 135,000 cases of the covid-19 worldwide. We hope that this will blow itself out over the next 2-4 weeks but the mood is decidedly negative. Those who have benefited most from the stock market rally last year are now losing their shirts. At least they can afford it! For the rest of us, why not check out these corona virus stock crash memes to lighten the mood.

Update 4 Prepping for Corona Memes: 2020/03/12 morning

Since the last update, world wide sustained outbreaks are now underway. As of this update, the worldwide cases of COVID-19 have exceeded 125,000. WHO has finally declared the coronavirus a pandemic. World leaders are enacting strict to bizarre quarantine and lockdown policies. If you’re not sure what to prepare for a lockdown, read our guide on essentials to have for a pandemic. If you’re a “Prepper” and are sitting pretty, take this time to enjoy some work from home memes. Or for those that are more adventurous, check out these dating memes for ideas.

Update 3 Water Purifier?: 2020/03/08

Since the last update, the SARS-CoV-2 virus has now spread beyond China in a big way. Local outbreaks in Italy, Germany, Iran, Korea, Japan and the United States has pushed confirmed cases beyond 100,000. Scientists warned that virus can be transmitted through urine and feces. I am not sh*tting you. All I can say is, drink clean water, and don’t touch your face after wiping.

Update 2 DIY Hand Sanitizer?: 2020/02/28

It’s now been over 2 months since the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak was first reported in China. It has now spread to over 50 countries and infected over 84,000 people. The media is fanning public panic and stores around the world are now running low on supplies from face masks to hand sanitizers. If stores near you has run out, check out some DIY face mask ideas, and learn how make your own DIY hand sanitizer.

Update WHO Renaming Coronavirus Joke: 2020/02/16

Funnily enough it’s been a little over 2 weeks since this article was written and the WHO (world health organization and not the band) is renaming the Corona virus to COVID-19 or just COVID for short.

We would like to point out that the irony of WHO (not-confusing-at-all name for world health organization) changing the name of the corona virus to Covid to avoid confusion, was not lost on us!

It seems that people of the world have been confusing the corona the beer with corona the virus after all! So let’s give WHO a helping hand. Help spread these funny corona memes around the Internet! They’re so outrageous that people will have no doubt that corona the beer and corona the virus are two separate things!!!

Previous Corona Memes superseded by current events:

Coronavirus Meme Showing Death From Coronavirus Vs Death From Mass Shooting

Which is more deadly?

Funny Covid Meme Of Someone Sneezing In Chinese Airport And A Game Option Asking To Warp To Grave Yard

Yes yes!

Funny Covid Memes Showing How To Halt The Spread Of Corona Virus By Using Condoms On Your Thumb To Text Friends

Virus could mutate into cyberspace next!

A Funny Covid Meme Of Someone Rejecting A Text Because His Friend Who Returned From Wuhan Want To Eat Together

How to say no tactfully.

Funny Covid Memes Featuring Chinese Red Packets With Face Masks During Corona Outbreak

Happy Chinese New Year!

A Corona Beer Funny Meme Showing Bars In China Boiling Corona Beer Bottles Because Heat And Alcohol Kills Corona Virus

We found the antidote!

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