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Lock Down Memes Self Isolation Memes

Governments around the world are quickly moving to lock down their population. Unfortunately many people refuse to comply with self isolation orders from the government resulting in crackdowns. Authorities are declaring stricter measures with each passing day. In the spirit of compliance, the editors of fully support following government recommendations. Also, we are actively working to provide entertainment in the form of lock down memes and self isolation memes for those working from home. If you’re stuck at home, please enjoy them. If the memes start becoming a little too real… get help now. But online of course.

Lockdown Memes  Sign Interpreter Cannot Lie

Sign language tells it straight.

Lockdown Memes  Earth Is Looking Like The Sequel To The Martian

Do you get the feeling that we’re on reality TV?

Lockdown Memes  Millenials Reminiscing About Stocked Shelves Of Last Year

Those were the days!

Lockdown Memes  How You Look Skyping Your Boss After 3 Days Of Self Quarantine

Nope, did not bother to wear a shirt.

Lockdown Memes  Meme Showing Difference Between 1 Day Of Isolation Vs 1 Week Of Isolation

I think I forgot to eat.

Lockdown Memes  What The World Atlas In 2020 Could Look Like

The world has gotten even smaller in 2020… Thanks to globalization!

Lockdown Memes  Protecting Your Home From Coronavirus


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Lockdown Memes  Preppers Preparing To Grow Their Own Food

Securing my food supply.


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