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Best Products to Have At Home to Prepare for a Coronavirus Pandemic

The corona virus is now spreading outside china at an alarming rate. And experts fear that the corona virus or COVID-19 is quickly turning into a pandemic. How do you prepare for such an eventuality? Well, we’ve been beavering away to come up with a list of the best products to have at home to prepare for a pandemic.


With so much fear and panic spreading, what’s lost in all the noise is the actual name of this virus. The names are divided into two main categories: the name of the virus; and the name of the disease caused by the virus. Initially, the virus and the disease were the same, the corona virus, or the novel corona virus. Then WHO decides to coin the term COVID-19 to refer to the disease caused by the corona virus. Shortly after, they decided to name the virus SARS-COV-2. This is the same relationship given to the virus HIV which causes the AIDS disease.

Preparing For the Worst

Given that the corona virus highly contagious diseases, it is best to have products to protect you and your family from exposure. Along with face masks which we have already reviewed in a previous article, we’ve come up with additional products that will help keep you and your family safe.

Surgical Gloves

If the corona virus becomes a pandemic, and you have to go out, you will be exposed to potential infection from the corona virus. The most likely way infection occurs is throughΒ touching your eyes, nose or mouth with dirty hands. To prevent this from happening, wear a face mask and surgical gloves in public. That way before you touch your face, you’ll be reminded to remove your mask, remove your gloves, wash your hands and then touch your face.

The Curad Disposable are latex gloves, while the AMMEX gloves are nitrile for those who are allergic to latex.


If there is a public lock down as is happening in parts of Italy, and you are only allowed to visit supermarkets in small groups, it may be a good idea to don a full hazmat suit before going out into public. This will ensure that when you’re the one designated to go out to buy food and supplies for your family, you’ll be protected. To keep your family safe, be sure to dispose of your hazmat suit before entering your home and to wash your hands before touching your eyes nose and mouth after disposing of your hazmat suit. If you’re interested, here’s a more in depth review of hazmat suits.

Water Purifiers

If tap water is not drinkable in your area or if public services break down and water becomes not safe to drink, make sure you have some means to purify water at home. Here’s a list of portable water purifiers that can help you clean tap water at home.

MRE – Meal Ready to Eat

Should a total lock down of your community take place, supermarkets may not stock enough food. To prepare for this, have some military rations in the form of meals ready to eat at home. These tasty and nutritious meals will ensure that you and your family have enough to eat for a few days. In case the power fails, don’t forget to add in some MRE heating tablets which can be used to heat your MREs in case you lose power. Read an in-depth review of MREs here.

We certainly hope that the corona virus does not turn into a global pandemic. But it is better to prepare for a pandemic and not have one than to have a pandemic and not be prepared for one.

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