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So Best Face Mask to Keep You Safe from The Corona Virus

I’m sure by now, you’ve all heard of the Wuhan Corona Virus (a.k.a Novel Corona Virus 2019-nCoV). Seeing so many masked citizens in public, it seems that wearing face masks is now synonymous with keeping yourself safe from this virus is now. But what is the best face mask to keep you safe? Well, let’s talk about how face masks can help protect you first.

How are corona viruses spread

What is it about face masks that can keep you safe from the virus? Well the virus can be transmitted by bodily fluids such as spit, mucus, tears, urine, or even feces. In addition, coming into contact with these fluids doesn’t automatically means that you’ve caught the virus because your skin is an excellent protective barrier to these viruses. However, if you happen to get these tiny droplets containing the virus on your hands and then touch your food, touch a glass where your lips drink from, or rub your eyes, then you’ve just invited the virus through the front door to your body.

How does wearing a face mask protect you?

Wearing a face mask will only protect you if you happen to be close to an infected person and they sneeze in your vicinity, and you had your eyes closed. If you have the virus itself, wearing the face mask will reduce your chances of spreading the virus to other people. But one way wearing a face mask can protect you is by being a conscious reminder. If you’ve been out in public, having the mask on will make it a conscious effort to touch your nose or mouth. So, since it’s conscious, you will therefore be reminded to wash your hands before touching your mouth or nose.

Transmission of viruses is mostly through touching your nose or mouth with contaminated hands. Your hands become contaminated by touching contaminated surfaces that an infected person may have touched. Some examples of these common surfaces are shopping carts, elevator buttons, or hand holds on escalators or public transport.

Get your masks now before the shops run out.

There is a world wide scramble for the best face mask money can buy at the moment. And there is even news of hoarding and price gouging in certain countries. Therefore, before the problem gets out of hand here, we have done the hard yards and found the best face mask to keep you safe from the corona virus. Check them out below! If you want more in-depth reviews, check out the top 5 best face mask review.

Other survival gear

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