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Best Non Contact Thermometer to Check for Symptoms of the Corona Virus

Depending on where you get your information, this corona virus a.k.a covid-19 is either getting under control or getting out of hand. With information overload affecting all of us , how do you form your own opinion? We have been confounded by all the disparate pieces of information out there. And since we can’t decide between whether it’s the apocalypse or just an overblown flu season, we decided to do the only thing you can do. Prepare. If you don’t know where to start, you can start by getting a non contact thermometer!

Along with getting enough face masks, it’s a good idea to get an updated thermometer so you can check your body temperature if you’re not feeling 100%. Modern non-contact thermometers are hygienic because they do not require you to touch the sensor to the person from whom you’re measuring the temperature of.

Baby Getting Temperature Taken Via Armpit Instead Of Non Contact Thermometer

Non Contact For Hygiene

Gone are the days where you keep the thermometer under your armpit, or god forbid, where the sun don’t shine. Ugh. Also, experts have discovered that the corona virus infects people via aerosols and even through fecal matter. So, by using a non contact thermometer, taking someone’s temperature doesn’t mean being exposed to someone’s biological materials. Finally, no matter if that someone is a total stranger, or your closest family member, in times of a potential pandemic, it’s best to stay safe yourself while you tend to others.

Beware that not all non contact thermometers are suitable for measuring body temperature. As well, several models out there but they are not all calibrated for use on forehead or your ear. But, the two models that we recommend, are calibrated to measure your body temperature from your forehead or ear. So you can rest assured that you won’t be buying an inaccurate mode. Here they are.  If you are looking for a more in-depth review, don’t forget to check out the top 5 non-contact thermometers review.

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