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17 Cute Pangolin Pictures that Show Why They Shouldn’t be Eaten

Pangolins are a source of food and medicine in parts of Asia and Africa. Some believe that their scales can help cure ailments from hysteria to low lactation of a young mother. Because of this, the cute pangolin has been hunted to near extinction and governments around the world instituted an international ban on their trade in 2016. Despite this ban, trade in pangolin scales and meat continues to grow due to criminal networks facilitating international smuggling operations.

If the cuteness of pangolin hasn’t convinced you that people shouldn’t eat them yet, there is now new evidence that suggests it maybe deadly to eat them. A Chinese researcher has discovered that a corona virus carried by pangolins matches 99% of the genetic code of the virus carried by people infected by the novel corona virus. This suggests that the novel corona virus a.k.a covid-19, maybe have been transmitted to humans through the consumption of products from pangolin.

Here’s a collection of 17 cute pangolin pictures showing pangolins being innocent and cute. I don’t know about you but from looking at these pictures, the last thing that pops into my mind is how delicious this animal would be or wow it looks like eating this thing can cure diseases. If you are an animal lover, I encourage you to share these pictures to get everyone to leave these cute little critters alone!

On Morning Patrol

Sniffing the Air

Sniffing himself?

Riding in Style

What’s up Doc?

Grabbing a Lyft?

Soooo Good

Now that’s a Blep

Practicing to French Kiss Like a Boss

May I help you Sir?

Blep… Even While Asleep

Awwwww…. Snuggle

So sleeeepy…

This grass is a bit tall for my taste….

Could you pass the salt please?

This Leaf Looks Comfy Enough

Bath Time!


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