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59 Hilarious Pregnancy Memes That Any Parent-to-Be Can Appreciate


What, are you doing TPS reports in there?

And I’m not very happy about this glow either.

I’m down, I’m down!

Hmm.. which is out? I mean, does it matter?

Surely I haven’t been pregnant forever.

Just me and the blankets, being friends.

They lied they did.

So much for that beautiful glow..

It’s a never-ending cycle.

You’ll pay. It’s not twins, and stop commenting on the belly size!

Where’s the glow? I feel like I’m sweating like a pig.

Just more lies.

She’ll scare them straight, that’s for sure.

However, he should know.

Bottoms up.

Just barely.

If you’ve not been pregnant tired..then stop.

After all, you’re having this baby, right? Oh wait…

Please like it! I made it.

I’m eating for two you know.

Everything is horrible, hurts and I just want to sleep.

Huh? That’s pretty awesome, isn’t it?

I guess I’ll just starve.

And it’s working overtime.

So much for nesting.

Now she is glowing.

Stop asking!

Just go to a safe distance, throw snacks, then run away.

I love not sleeping. It’s my favorite.

Now you know to never ask again.

Oh he’s got jokes, does he?

I better start learning to speak Wookie.

This was supposed to be over and done with by now, right?

Never. Ever. Ever.

Then sometimes I just want to punch 4 people and eat 20 nuggets. Progress.

Won’t this ever end!

Giving birth with HypnoBirthing

Get this baby out now…. Gently!

This is the worst.. come on..

I don’t know what to do now.

Those photographs are such lies!

Or maybe Godzilla.

Such a cruel trick.

Too serious. Ready for it to end.

Ah, decisions.

I now understand the T-rex on a personal level.

How could you?!

And waddlin and waddlin.

All the Baby Einstein DVDs in the world won’t help me now.

I’m victim to the hormones, I can’t be held accountable.

It isn’t. This is just a trick and I’m going to be pregnant forever.

How dare that cat!

I thought it was at least 20.

Gift ideas for an expectant pregnant person.

Get used to it, because when you get older, you’ll do the same.

Or they’ll twist the life out of you.

How is the day? Not good. Not good.


What’s good for the goose…

They shall never escape like I did.

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