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35 Funny Animals Who Are Definitely Not Ready for Winter

Funny First Snow

Can’t tell if approving or disapproving..

Funny Mistake

Abort mission!

Funny Heater Hail

Me in winter.

Funny Winter Blanket


Funny Present Dog

Doesn’t look sorry!

Funny Winter Totally

He hates the booties and all of it.

Funny Help Me Surrounded

It’s all over!

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Funny Cat Hole

Clearly wasn’t into this.

Funny Wait Cats

Cancel that Ceiling Cat!

Funny Cat Stuff

Messing up the schedule is a cat-tastrophe.

Funny Cat Black Snow

If “brrr” were a picture.

Funny Cat Snow Paw

Human, what have I done?!

Funny React Paw

Slow caused a malfunction.

Funny Weather Froze


Funny Warm Walk

A betrayal.

Funny Snow Calls Me


Funny Winter Coming

The kittens are ready!

Funny Winter Not Season

We get it.

Funny This Degrees

This squirrel is not impressed.

Funny Froze Cat


Funny Dashing Snow

No dashing, no.

Funny Favorite Winter

Long way to go.

Funny Sneeze Minus


Funny What Now


Funny Snow Dog

Is this a joke?

Funny Regreet Inside


Funny Lady Work


Funny Golden Ready

As are we!

Funny Flannel Now

Flannel works for all.

Funny Dog Onesie

Cuddly bear is set for winter.

Funny Dog Cold

Staying here.

Funny Cold Sweater

The things winter makes us do.

Funny Coffee Dying

Need warmth!

Funny Below Zero

That dog is not into this.

Funny Ball There


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