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Funniest Winter Traffic Fail Pics

Winter 3 Point Turn Fail

Life imitating art.

Car Standing Vertically Like Statue

Oh Christmas tree… Oh Christmas tree…

Truck Missing Wheel, But With Tire In Front Of Hood

Good thing this truck’s got winter tires…

Semi Truck Doing A Powerslide

Power sliding an 18 wheeler semi truck…

Car Making A Spectacular Snow Splash

Beautiful rooster tail!

A Car Standing Vertically On Its Nose.

Statue of Automotive Liberty.

A Car Stuck Between 2 Trees

A tree car to go with the tree house?

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Convertible Car Driving In Winter

A little bit chilly out ain’t it?

4X4 Offroad Vehicle On Railing

The dealer told me this is an off road vehicle!

Car Rolled Over And Resting Upside Down

Rollover… good boy!

2 Trucks In Ditch Together

Misery loves company!

Truck Submerged In Iced Over Lake

Out for a while… Gone fishing!

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