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Need a giant RV that can handle anything you throw at it off road? Well, then you need the Desert Challenger.

Imagine if Clark Griswold ventured across the country in a beast of a vehicle like the Desert Challenger instead of the old family truckster. It’d be a much shorter movie I’ll tell you that.Desert Challenger Is The Ultimate Off Road Recreational Vehicle 502First, let’s tackle what you’re going to get regarding durability before looking at the luxurious insides. We don’t want you getting soft on us. The 30-ton truck is built on a world-renowned MAN chassis and was originally built to carry missiles. Seriously. Missiles. It carries 66 kg of stored gas at any one time plus storage for onboard batteries up to 1000AH so you don’t get stuck out in the middle of nowhere. But in case you do, don’t worry it carries 2400 liters of drinking water.

Built to tackle the off-road scene, this motorhome created by Action Mobile may look tough and rugged on the outside but the inside is all luxury.

When you first step inside, the thing that’ll strike you in the nuts is how much space there is. It’s like something out of Willy Wonka’s factory. This is due in part to the hydraulic extendable walls that push out from the vehicle to free up space and add about 5 meters.Desert Challenger Is The Ultimate Off Road Recreational Vehicle 504A full living room layout with leather couches, high-end furniture, and beautiful wood paneling exists for lounging while an out-of-the-wall bunk bed situation exists for multiple sleeping bodies. Though the most important person in the group (or whoever wins Rock, Paper, Scissors) gets their very own sleeping area.Desert Challenger Is The Ultimate Off Road Recreational Vehicle 505Now because each Desert Challenger is made-to-order this is all customizable depending on your wants or needs. A lot of the layout is cleverly designed to make the most out of a smaller space. Think Tiny Houses on HGTV with compartments and little surprises pushed into walls.

While most RVs and Motorhomes feature a bathroom similar in size to an airplane commode, this guy has a decently-sized marble-clad bathroom and shower that’ll make you forget you’re on a truck. It even has a washing machine for crying out loud. And of course, for those of you who eat food, there’s a kitchen with a full set of burners allowing you to cook for yourself and guests.

Desert Challenger Is The Ultimate Off Road Recreational Vehicle 503

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Obviously, this vehicle extends beyond just recreational use. Its features make it perfect for a roaming conference, a catering company or as a trailer for them big movie stars that enjoy being pampered.




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