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A 25-pound cat is an unusual occurrence. However, the big guys can be among the most lovable – and extra – cats you will ever meet. That’s the situation for Bruno, a bruiser of a cat who wound up at a rescue with lots of demands. The rescue workers loved him, but it took a while to find his perfect forever family. Then a songwriter appeared to change his life.

13. Imperious Demands


Image: @theebrunobartlett

Bruno is a 25-pound grey cat with an imperious look. He arrived at Wright-Way Rescue and quickly had the staff at his beck and call. He demanded pets while eating and also requested extra water bowls in every room of the house – except for the kitchen. Bruno had demands and they scrambled to meet them!

12. Just a Bit Extra

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Image: @theebrunobartlett

The staff fell in love with the giant feline. They called him “extra” and enjoyed his quirky and fun persona. Still, as other cats came and went, they were perplexed about why no one had applied to adopt Bruno. He was such an amazing personality.

11. Facebook Mania

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File: @theebrunobartlett

The Illinois rescue decided to make a public appeal. They shared a long Facebook post extolling his virtues: almost as if Bruno had dictated the post himself. Suddenly the rescue was inundated with applications to take him home. But one woman was determined to win over the rescue, and the cat.

10. Love at First Sight

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Image: @theebrunobartlett

Lauren Paris experienced love at first sight. “The only way to put it is that I freaked out at my desk,” she told The Dodo. “My boyfriend and I were already in the market for rescuing a cat, and when I saw Bruno’s pictures, I just knew. I felt so driven to adopt him! The post mentioned that Bruno was extra. I was in luck, because so am I.”

9. Anxious Adopters

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Image: @thebrunobartlett

Although Paris started the application, she worried about other people getting Bruno first. She put together a serious adoption application, with letters of recommendation and even videos of herself and her boyfriend at home. She let the rescue know in no uncertain terms that she was the right home for this extra special cat.

8. Gimme That Fat Cat

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Image: @theebrunobartlett

Paris and her boyfriend started thinking about what could push them over the top. That’s when they enlisted their friend, Kathleen Gibson, to write a song in honor of Bruno. Gibson is a member of Second City Conservatory in Chicago. Her song, “Gimme That Fat Cat,” was performed by Paris.

7. The First Date


Image: @theebrunobartlett

The shelter could not ignore that incredible entreaty for Bruno’s adoption. Paris remembers the day she got the word. “We were selected to meet Bruno this past Saturday. We came to the shelter with food, litter, treats, and toys for him and his friends. It was so, so exciting to meet him because he was just as fabulous as I knew he would be.”

6. Made for Each Other

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Image: @thebrunobartlett

But did they have good chemistry? According to Paris, they were made for each other. “I honestly loved him instantly. So it was really hard to say goodbye and leave him at the shelter, not knowing if we’d ever get to see him again.”

5. An Exciting Phone Call


Image: @thebrunobartlett

Thankfully, the couple didn’t have to wonder if they had been chosen to adopt Bruno. Just two days later, the rescue rang them up to tell them that Bruno was officially theirs. Paris was ecstatic about becoming a mom to such a magnificent beast.

4. Thrilled

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Image: @theebrunobartlett

“I squealed and jumped up and down for about five minutes before laugh/crying for another 55,” Paris said. “And then I called everyone I know.” And everyone was eager to meet the new man in Paris’ life and get to know all his quirks.

3. King of the House

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Image: @theebrunobartlett

Bruno is officially a member of the household. He seemed to own the place from the second he grandly walked out of his carrier. The new king is very comfortable in his house and loves his new family and friends. He has taken to following Paris and her boyfriend around the house and never turns down table scraps.

2. The Hype is Real

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Image: @theebrunobartlett

Although Bruno is on a diet, that hasn’t changed his extra ways. He loves his new diet food and still demands to be pet while eating.“The hype is true — he definitely needs you to pet him while he eats,” Paris said. “Who can blame him?”

1. Affectionate Cat

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Image: @theebrunobartlett

Bruno is a very affectionate cat with everyone he meets. He has his own Instagram (@TheeBrunoBartlett) where his fans congregate to keep up with Bruno’s every move. The big guy is enjoying the sleek views from his new abode and is determined to stay extra.

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