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This bad guy picked the wrong house to rob. This intruder broke in to this family’s house, so they all shot him.

People in Florida don’t mess around when you decide to break into their house. Here is the story of one Mitchell Large, a man who decided to break into a family’s house down in Florida. What happens when said intruder breaks into this house? He gets shot – by the entire family. Well maybe not the entire family, but the father, mother and son got him. Their twenty year old daughter was also in the house but didn’t fire any shots. On top of all that, the father even fired a warning shot, and Mitchell Large still stayed inside the house. Yes I know this story is old, but I just came across it today and loved it. So I posted it.

A man breaking into a Winter Haven home Monday morning was shot and killed by the family living there, Police Chief Gary Hester said.

It happened at a little before 7 a.m. on Lake Marriana Road Drive. A mother, father, and son woke up to the sound of someone, identified by police as 40-year-old Mitchell Large, trying to get in through a porch door.

Via – CBS

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