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No animal rescue is ever the same. It is important to remember that all rescue teams are mainly volunteers working together under difficult conditions with the same goal… rescue as many animals are possible! Even when the situations aren’t normal they don’t hesitate. The rescue of Oolu, an adorable senior dog trapped in a port is a perfect example of this! You definitely have to know though why she is named Oolu! Click through slide #16 and you’ll be amazed!

20. Something Weird


It was a calm evening when animal rescue team Hope For Paws received a rather strange call… Someone told them that there was a stray animal trapped within a confined space in large port in Los Angeles.

19. A Poor Pup

Rescuers rushed to the location only to find out that the stray was a dog that was abandoned in the streets and somehow got trapped in a small area in the port. The pup was scared and seemed confused. Rescuers also discovered something heartbreaking!

18. It Was A Senior Dog

The rescuers realized that they had to do with a senior dog and this made them wonder how could they abandon an animal that they owned for years! She was anxious and seemed to have developed some attachment problems because of her days in the streets.

17. Her Savior

The rescuers also met there Al Ritch, a worker at the port who noticed the dog roaming around. He then realized that the poor dog trapped herself in the area where containers were placed. He wanted to be sure that she would be safe before rescuers arrived.

16. Oolu!

Al Ritch, also named the puppy Oolu! Pretty strange name for a pup… Wait until slide #8 to discover what OOLU means! It has to do with the port somehow!

15. Rescuing Her

Al had already noticed that Oolu was looking for a way to escape and managed to call the rescuers on time. While they were driving to the port he decided to do something to be sure that Oolu couldn’t escape.

14. He Tied Her

Al Ritch, having no experience with dogs managed to do something extraordinarily brave.  tie successfully tied Oolu to the closest fence! That way he was sure that she couldn’t run away.

13. She Couldn’t Trust Them

Firstly it appeared that Oolu didn’t want to be rescued and Hope For Paws members were making her feel uncomfortable. She was afraid and confused but Hope For Paws were used to situations like this and knew how to approach this issue with care.

12. Offered Her A Cheeseburger

One of the member of Hope For Paws slowly approached Oolu and offered her a piece of cheeseburger in hand. As you may have guessed it was much appreaciated!

11. Gained Her Trust


This way the rescue team gained Oolu’s trust! The entire team as well as Al stayed with her for quite some time in order for her to feel familiar and safe. Then they proceeded to pet her!


10. Starving


It was clear that Oolu was starving. Being with a family until this age made her completely unable to search and find her own food. Her days on the street were harsh but somehow Oolu managed to survive!

9. Back In The Car

After Oolu seemed to feel comfortable, the finally members picked up the leash and brought the pup back to the car… It was time for them to bring her back to shelter to take care of her and examine her further.

8. Name Reveal


Al revealed the root of the name Oolu. While laughing he explained the rescuers that the little pup was roaming around the OOLU section of the port which is a common prefix for a number of shipping containers!

7. Luckily She Was Healthy!

Back in the shelter Oolu was examined by the vets and they happily announced that Oolu didn’t have any major injuries. Her biggest problem was weight loss and the mental problems that she acquired during her days in the streets.

6. A Warm Bath

Oolu also got her first bath in months! It really cleaned her dirty fur and helped her feel more welcomed. Also it helped her minor skin infections  cure.

5. Looking For A Home

After some months the job of Hope For Paws was over! Oolu was transferred to the San Diego non-profic Lione’s Legacy where she would be put up for adoption with hopes of finding her forever home!

4. Enjoyed Her Stay

It appeared that Oolu enjoyed her stay in Lione’s Legacy but luckily for her someone got interested to her after hearing her rather weird story!

3. She Was Adopted!

The young woman fell in love with Oolu from the first moment she saw her! It was over! Oolu managed to find her forever home while escaping from all the dreadful things that could happen to her as a stray. She was happier than ever!

2. Rescuers Visited

Of course rescuers loved Oolu too and after they learned that she was adopted decided to pay a visit to her new home. They were amazed by her playful and cheerful attitude and how grateful she was looking to them and her new mother! As if she somehow knew!

1.A Volunteer Was Filming

Luckily this whole story exists on video as one of the volunteers was filming from the time the Hope For Paws team jumped into their vehicles. In this video you can see step by step the whole process till the end!




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