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Funny Pictures Dump

Funny Nexflix Quotes Monday Funny Pictures Dump

Yup, same pants you’ve had for the 3rd day in a row now after binge watching Game of Thrones!

Funny Beauty Sleep Quotes Monday Funny Pictures Dump

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

Funny Quotes Nothing Faster Than A Woman Facebook Monday Funny Pictures Dump

Einstein’s theory of relativity is incomplete because he thought nothing can be faster than the speed of light.


Funny Quotes Drunk People

So true! If we could only apply this to military interrogation techniques, we’d capture terrorist children, get them drunk and make them wear leggings?

Funny Quotes Adulthood

Life was so much easier when all you had to worry about was what video game you wanted to play after school!

Funny Medication Side Effects

FDA sure knows how to take the fun out of drugs.

Funny Netflix The Lies I Tell Myself

Self control is for other people!

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Funny Quotes Smiling

That’s right… I’m smiling because I got you to buy me another drink!

Funny Quotes You Look Familiar

You better work on that pickup line!

Funny Wifi

Yup… caught red handed cyber squatting…

Funny Pugs

Not sure if the baby did that or the dog did that…

Funny Ecards Facebook

Buehler? Buehler?

Funny Dogs And Cats

Nature in harmony.

Funny Dogs

Nothing worse than finding an ear hair in your soup!

Funny Dog Killed Spider

Good doggie!

Funny Dog Barking

You’ve gotta speak DOG to make a dog understand you.

Funny Dashing Owl

GIYF… Google is your friend!

Funny Catwith Glasses

Not impressed.

Funny Cats

How can you say no?

Funny Cats

Squatter’s right.

Funny Feeling Lazy

Necessity is the mother of all inventions!

Funny Puppy Walks And Napping

Gimli the Narcoleptic Dog.

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