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Chill your whiskey like a boss with the Battle Rattle Whiskey Chillers

It is time to get rid of those shoddy wine n’ whiskey chillers that you got last year from one of your wife’s relatives. Replace them with something manly; Battle Rattle whiskey chillers are the perfect blend of hardiness, style and true stainless steel grit that leaves a chill without dilution.

On the outside, these whiskey chillers look like war ornaments and weapon replicas, which should be reason enough for you to buy a bunch of em’. However, if you want to do a bit of R&D, then rumor has it that the guys at ‘Battle Rattle’ are a bunch of real life US Army Veterans. In the honor of savoring the accounts of their skirmishes and service to our country (*heaven help those who sacrificed their lives for our sanctity), they decided to make whiskey chillers with nothing but pure steel with an arctic core to maintain steady temperature right until the very last drop.

These deadly Battle Rattle whiskey chillers come in various sets. Some of them are nothin’ but high grade anodized steel grenades, while other sets constitute rockets, mortars, bullets and sigil replicas. Although, during development phases, the idea of using real life bullets seemed enticing enough to the company, but they disregarded it due to health concerns. Anyhow, these stainless-steel whiskey chillers are no less for preserving subtle flavors and maintaining temperatures.

Battle Rattle Whiskey Chillers 502

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How to get the best experience from Battle Rattle Whiskey Chillers?

Okay, so you just bought a set or two from the official Battle Rattle website. It is time to place them in your freezer compartment for a little over an hour. The freezing temperature will leave the steel body literally colder than ice. Whenever you are ready to have a drink, place one of these chillers in the glass. Make sure you do that in a gentle motion; you wouldn’t want to crack the glass while doing so.

Afterwards, pour yourself your favorite drink and give it a few seconds for the chiller to set things in motion. I suppose, I don’t have to tell you about swinging the glass a little to lower the whiskey temperature, but it never hurts to refresh one’s memory. Anyhow, sit back and enjoy your drink while contemplating why you don’t want to go back to using those soapstone or ice cube “chillers” anymore.

To order your whiskey chiller set, or to take a gist at the entire selection of Battle Rattle bourbon, beer and wine chillers inventory, head over to their official website. They also create laser etched steel chillers on demand. If you want to add a little personal touch, don’t forget to fill in order customization details at the time of placing orders. Good luck!

Battle Rattle Whiskey Chillers 501

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