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TFB Short Clips

18 Funny Quotes That Might Make You Forget the Time You Called Your Boss or Teacher “Mom”

Quote Coffee Gas Filler up.
Quote Having Kid No. Is anyone?
Quote Forgot Running So true.
Quote Play Nickleback The 2nd option sounds terrible.
Quote Wish Minutes Sadly they don’t.
Quote Time Travel Hmm
Quote Sadly Inner Dang it.
Quote Prince Kissed Really.
Quote Mcdonalds Just like they are!
Quote Fall ApartStill good.
Quote Boyfriend Ouch.
Quote Avocado People I bet we feel like that.
Quote 12 Friends Fair point.
Quote Work A Day Right?
Quote So Sad So true.
Quote Fridge Ldr Here we go!
Quote Facebook Successful!
Quote TwitterHmm.

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