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Top 80 Best Top Gun Maverick Quotes to Share with Friends After Watching the Movie

After 36 years, Tom Cruise is back on screen, flying for the US Navy and according to most fans and reviews, the sequel to the original blockbuster does not disappoint.

Already breaking box office records, Top Gun: Maverick is sure to delight loyal albeit now middle aged fans of the original Top Gun, as well as command a new generation of die-hard followers.

To make sure you join in the fun of quoting lines from Top Gun: Maverick with your friends, here’s a list of the best quotes from Top Gun Maverick the movie.

The Best Top Gun Maverick Quotes!

1. “He wants mach 10 let’s give him mach 10.”

2. “I don’t like that look man.” “It’s the only one I got.”

3. “All right sweetheart one last ride.”

4. “Put that in your pentagon budget.”

5. “Where am I?” “Earth.”

Topgun Maverick Quotes

Tom cruise in top gun maverick: best top gun maverick quotes

6. “The end is inevitable Maverick. Your kind is heading to  extinction.” “Maybe so, sir, but not today.”

7. “Seems like we’re not the only two holding on to old relics.”

8. “We don’t want you to fly.” “We want you to teach it.”

9. “You got some balls, stick junkey. I’ll give you that.”

10. “You can’t get promoted, you won’t retire, and you refuse to die.”

11. “What were you thinking?” “You told me not to think.”

12. “Just be cool. If they knew who we were, we’d be dead already.

13. “You fly for Top Gun or you don’t fly ever again.”

14. “Oh, Pete…I could never stay mad at you. That’s the problem.”

15. “You get yourself in trouble, Iceman makes a call and you end up right back here.”

16. “Don’t give me that look.”

17. “I’m afraid rules are rules. You’re lucky it’s early.”

18. “What do they call you?” “Bob”

19. “I’ll have four more on the old-timer.”

20. “Much appreciate it, Pops!”

21. “Hangman, the only place you’ll lead any is an early grave.”

22. “Well, I am good, Rooster. Very good.”

23. “Waiting for just the right moment, that never comes.”

24. “Show me what you’re made of.”

25. “This guy needs an ego check.”

26. “Light on. Let’s turn and burn.”

27. “Should be us down there. But it’s not.” “And now you know a little somethin’ about Rooster.”

28. “That’s why we call him hangman. He will always hang you out to dry.”

29. “Been here the whole time.”

30. “What the past is the past, for both of us.”

Topgun Maverick Quote

Top gun maverick on set: find your best top gun maverick quotes right here.

31. “Don’t think, just do!”

32. “Everyone here is the best there is.”

33. “What the enemy doesn’t know is your limit.”

34. “See me now?” “Let’s get it over with.”

35. “As good as they are sir, they still have something to learn.” “I can’t go as low as y6u sir, and that’s saying something.”

37. “I don’t sail boats, Penny. I land on them.”

38. “Time is your greatest enemy.”

39. “Time is your greatest adversary.”

40. “Is there a reason you didn’t communicate with your team?”

41. “No offense intended. Yet somehow you always manage.”

42. “It’s time to let go. I don’t know how.”

43. “I’m not a teacher. I’m a fighter pilot.” 

44. “It’s not what I am, it’s who I am. How do I teach that?”

45. “If you get kicked out, you leave us with hangman.”

46. “Captain? Still?”

47. “Naval aviator is not what I am. It’s who I am.”

48. “The Navy needs Maverick. The kid needs Maverick. That’s why I fought for you.”

49. “One last thing, whos the better pilot? You or me?” “It was a nice moment, lets not ruin it.”

50. “He will always resent me for what I did. Why should he resent her too?

51. “I was trying to be the father he lost, I wish I would have done it better.”

Top Gun Maverick Quotes 2

Tom cruise in top gun maverick: best top gun maverick quotes to impress your friends


52. “If I send him on this mission he might never come home. If I don’t send him he will never forgive me.”

53. “I was trying to be the father that he lost.”

54. “This is the last time I go out your window.” “We’ll see” “No, I mean it, I’ll never leave you again.”

56. “Just don’t break her heart again.”

57. “Fighting with everything you have just to keep yourself from blacking out.”

58. “You’ll have to find a way back on your own.”

59. “This is coffin corner.”

60. “Pete if you lost your wingman up there you wouldn’t give up. You’d keep fighting. Those are your pilots.”

61. “I think the admiral is asking a rhetorical question.”

62. “My dad believed in you. I’m not going to make the same mistake.”

63. “You’re where you belong. Make us proud.”

64. “And your wingman?” “Rooster.”

65. “This is what you’ve all been training for. Come home safe.”

66. “You give ‘em hell.”

67. “We’ll talk when we get back.”

68. “It’s been an honor, Captain.”

69. “No turning back now.”

70. “You told me not to think!”

71. “Well, it’s good to see you.” “It’s good to see you, too.”

72. “Let’s start running.” “Yeah, running.”

73. “How are we going to get this museum piece in the air?”

Best Top Gun Maverick Quotes

74. “No sir, he’s supersonic.”

75. “Listen, just be cool.”

76. “Just wave and smile.”

77. “It’s not the plane, it’s the pilot.”

78. “You don’t go after them if I wasn’t here.” “But you are here.” “Come on Mav. Don’t think, just do!”

79. “Please don’t tell me we lost an engine.” “Alright, I won’t tell you that.”

80. “Thank you for saving my life.” “It’s what my dad would have done.”

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