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Best Top Gun Memes to Tide You Over Till Top Gun 2: Maverick

Top Gun: Maverick, the long awaited sequel to the cult movie Top Gun, was supposed to be released on Jun 24 2020. Unfortunately due to COVID19 and government mandating closure of movie theaters, Paramount Pictures made the decision to delay the release of the Top Gun sequel till December 24th 2020. While it’s going to miss being the big summer blockbuster, a Christmas release still holds the promise of earning some healthy box office receipts. For die hard Top Gun fans that have been waiting 34 years for Top Gun 2, 6 more months is just too much. So the editors at decided to come up with some Top Gun Memes to entertain you while you wait for Top Gun: Maverick


Meme Of Goose Playing With Them Boys

I know your mind wants to go there… just don’t.

Top Gun Meme Of Iceman Telling Maverick He Doesn'T Like Him

Ice man wants the glory all for himself that’s all…

Top Gun Maverick Delayed By Covid 19 Meme

How much longer must we wait?

Top Gun 2020 Rules Of Engagement Under Social Distancing

That’s definitely less than 1.5 meters!

Meme Of Paramount Telling Top Gun Fans When They'Re Releasing Top Gun Sequel

Talk about pent up frustration 34 years!!

Meme Showing A Plump Pilot From Star Wars Captioned As Val Kilmer After Quarantine

Gyms are closed, shelter in place…what did you expect?

Top Gun Throwback Thursday

This just ain’t gonna fly in 2020…

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Maverick Is An Instructor Meme

Death by powerpoint… that’s dangerous.

Meme Of Goose Showing Bird

My thoughts exactly.

Maverick With Thumbs Up Signalling The Odds Are Good For Buzzing Tower Meme

Yes he did… and proud of it!

Meme Of Pilot Image Vs Reality

Maybe I should only tell blind people I’m a pilot.

Maverick And Iceman In Between Jobs Meme

It’s been a long 34 years!


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