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35 Inspirational and Motivational Quotes

Quotes Work On

Every day, work towards being that person.



Quote Wings

After all, no one else can do as good a a job as you.


Quote Wastetime

Sometimes it might be hard to tell.



Quote Twothings

These are two habits you need to give up to succeed.



Quote TwochancesWill you take the leap, or will you retreat?



Quote Tears

Smile, you’re a warrior.



Quote Strongwoman

You can take this.



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Quote Rilke

Not even this.



Quote Reason

Don’t let them die, or it will all be a waste. Believe in them and yourself.



Quote Quiet

Keep them around because they’re worth having for your best days.


Quote Purpose

It will be keep you going.



Quote Perhaps

Even the worst things can teach us something and bring us a new level of strength.



Quote Perfect

Just be yourself.



Quote Madness

Get on with this life with an open spirit and don’t be afraid to think out of the box.



Quote Loveyourself

Do all things like you love yourself. Fake it till you do.



Quote Logic

Imagination and dreams will fuel you.



Quote JungAnd you can make that choice right now.



Quote Ifyoudont

Take epic chances.



Quote Beinghappy

Don’t ever forget that.



Quote Heartbreak

What are you expecting? Keep your expectations in line with what is given to you.



Quote Happiness

Think about it: Is it worth it?



Quote Fear

Be grateful, be open to what the universe can give you.




It’s NEVER too late.




Time to realigning where you’re spending your time, energy and emotion.



Quote Drop

You are wonderful and magnificent.



Quote Dowhatyouhavetodo

Keep sight of that dream.



Quote Dogbarks

Don’t get distracted on your way to success or whatever you want in life.



Quote Diamond

Now be the greatest and brightest diamond there is.



Quote Darkdays

Prove it. If not to others, then definitely to yourself.



Quote Dance

Be fearless.



Quote Clear

Instead, replace it with “I can.”



Quote Challenge

You are the master of your reactions, and this is a choice you can make even when everything else feels like it’s out of control.



Quote Beautiful

I believe there are. You should too.



Quote Anchor

Sometimes you have to let others sink or swim.



Quote 1Year


And every day could be day 1 of a new adventure. Will you let it?

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