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32 Quarantine Memes Because It’s All Getting to Us 
Turn Signals

Turn em on!

Traveling Quarantine

A varied set of locations.

World Champion

He’s winning.

Introverted See


Day Day

What day is it?



That’s an intents joke.

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Propose Girl

Please be mine and we can share this Purell.

Dumb Games

Get to practicing.

Amazon Tp

Thank you though, seriously.

Haz Mat


Me Stay

I’m going to stay.

So Far

What could go wrong?

Leave Doorstep



How do life now?

Leave House


He Dies

Too real for some people.

Cant Be Alone

What am I to do?

Thats What I Call

No, no, put it back.

Quarantine Check


Quarantine Cat

She busy.

Do With Hands

I can’t touch anything!

Quarantine Star Wars

Be like Vader. Distance.

Quarantine Snacks

Rumbly in my tummy.

Shut Toilet

It’s 2-ply.

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