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Creative DIY Nail Ideas to Occupy Your Idle Hands

Doing your nails was always a time consuming proposition and that’s why they’re usually left to professionals. But with nail salons all but shuttered, looking for creative DIY nail ideas has become a productive stay at home activity! The internet has been a great resource to help people DIY everything. But in this fast paced modern world, time is usually what we lack to learn new skills. Over the past few weeks, we all find ourselves in a much slower world with hours passing as slowly as days and days as slow as weeks. To keep yourself busy, why not grab a nail file, a few bottles of nail polish and give yourself a DIY quarantine manicure?
Scroll down through the collection we’ve chosen, and choose your favorite look as inspiration for a great self-care project! If you’ve mastered the self manicure you might be interested in this detailed review of the best cuticle remover. Also if you are considering giving yourself a trim, well we would like to recommend against that with this DIY hair cut meme post. But if you’re insistent on doing it anyway, check out our review of the best electric hair clippers. Don’t forget to try some of these DIY lip gloss ideas to match your DIY nails!



Beautifully done Arabian sky motif.

Make that thumb sparkle!

Deep Satin Purple fit for even people previously known as Prince.

A little throwback to thai dye 80’s and 90’s.

Spring is within grasp!

Pastel skies.

Striking modern geometry makes for good eye candy.

Louis Vuitton in the clouds.

Duotone beauty.

An eye for inspiration.

Sponge Bob is here to please.

Little drops of rainbow.

Stain glass desert motif.

Asian royal looking floral print.

African royal print.

Spring style design.

Easter inspired design.

Bejeweled statue look.

Majestic burgundy leaf print.

Milka inspired purple cow print.

Viral thoughts – a corona virus inspiration.

Spirals of rainbow.

Matching toes and fingers with a spring inspired theme.

Poppy red.

Asian style floral print.

Very feline leopard print.

A beautiful shade of lavender.

Little Korea.

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