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Funny Riot Memes – Releasing Some Pent Up Anger

There sure seems to be a lot of pent up anger and frustration at the moment. Months of no gyms, hair cuts or eating at restaurants, all the while trying to homeschool your kids have really gotten onto everyone’s nerves. What start off as a protest against racism for the killing of George Floyd by a white police officer has exploded into looting, rioting and general chaos. If ever you needed something to escape reality, now is the time. Check out these funny riot memes that we’ve found on the internet to blow off steam in a less destructive manner.

Meme Featuring Riots Taking Attention Away From Covid 19

That’s one way to take my mind off the Corona Virus!


Meme Featuring H&Amp;M Fashion Changes In 2020

Fast Fashion in 2020. It’s hard to keep up!


Meme Captioning Peaceful Protest Hasn'T Stopped Racism

It’s the land of opportunity after all!


Meme Love In Time Of War

Love in a time of war.

Arby'S Has Fallen Meme

It’s time to call in the big guns.

Next In The Series Of Xxx Has Fallen

Gerard Butler… Where are you?

Meme About Minneapolis Riot

Not so fast!


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Meme About Bobby And Hank Talking About Riots

Right and wrong according to Hank Hill.

Meme Pointing Out Media Confusing Looting With Protesting

Take it from George… the man knows.

Meme About Target Employees When They Arrive At Work

Never thought anyone would wish for lockdowns again…


Meme About The Good Ol' Days At Target

Those were the days.

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