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Bespoke Post Men’s Subscription Boxes

I am sure that by now, you are well aware of hundreds of monthly subscription box services. Off the top of my head, my personal favorites are Man Crates and Bespoke Post; they are the best of their kind out there in the market. Although this post is not about Man Crates’ boxes, you can find a ton of interesting stuff at their website.

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I would like to talk about Bespoke Post Men’s Subscription Boxes since they are the recent ones to be introduced to the guy community online.

So what is Bespoke Post Men’s Subscription Boxes? They are a bunch of clever people, who have compiled a spectacular assortment of surprise subscription packages for men. These boxes follow a specific theme depending on the special featured promotions at the website, or the overall seasonal demand in general. This is why Bespoke Post has earned respect at many levels; the business doesn’t stick to one specific layout or format. In fact, they even keep changing their packaging to help keep the surprise and “practical use” factor to a maximum level.


Bespoke Post Dopp Kits

Dopp kits come in a zesty collection of high quality zip bags. Each bag consists a boat load of kits, accessories or anything of interest that a man would literally use on daily basis. A regular package of Bespoke Post Dopp Kits may or may not contain Heavy Hitter Shampoo packs, shaving gels, shaving accessories, grooming goodies – so on and so forth. Each kit combines a blend of different products from famous brands for men only.7 3


Bespoke Post Cookout Box

What good is a day outside with friends if you are not able to stew, roast or cook something with your own hands? It’s more of a man thing, which is why the folks at Bespoke Post introduced the Cookout Kit. This box promises the ooey gooey goodness of a drool worthy menu based on various handy accessories and sauces.

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How and what you cook is entirely up to you; it is completely understandable. However, tools and cooking ornaments make a huge difference. These kits are lined up with high end durable products such as, but not limited to Walnut Stuff Turners, Skillets, Lamson Co. burger grills and so much more. It is definitely the kind of subscription box for guys who look forward to a zesty cookout on holidays etc.


Bespoke Post Coast

Coast is the perfect blend of clothing and apparel accessories for men. This kit is one of many, which contains anything as small as a sunscreen lotion or an expensive checkered shirt. Coast series goodness has garnered a cult like following among men who like to go out on vacations with a handbag full of trendy clothes, books and travel accessories.

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Another interesting thing about Bespoke Post Coast series subscription boxes is that it is spread over three different categories. The lightweight category normally consists of breathable shirts, sunglasses or pocket sized items, whereas other categories are cinched with heavier goodies. Worth checking out, if you ask me.

For more details, head over to the official Bespoke Post website. I am sure you’ll find plenty of stuff to keep you busy for the entire Summer season. Good luck and don’t forget to have fun!

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