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25 King of the Hill Funny Quotes and Moments, I’ll Tell You What

King Of The Hill Not Flirting Quote

He held back the ultimate seduction.

Hank'S Quote About Soccer From King Of The Hill

He set him straight.

King Bathroom

Hank is a simple man.

King Beer Depressant

It’s not the beer’s fault.

King Beerfire

Are you kidding?

King Cookie Dough

Hank is a little late.

King Drinking Beer

Bobby poking the bear.

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King Esteem
KingHill rules.

King Hank Mow

A simple pleasure.

King Hedill

Hank has some expectations.

King Hispters


King Identify


King Pimpin

Pimp that propane.

King Propane


Hank'S Quote About Christian Rock Bands

How dare you.

King Showbusiness

Hank knows it.

King Suck Itup

Look, we relate.

King Tool Drugs

They want to do the tools.

King Vegetables

Bobby, it’s time you knew.

King Why


King Paramedics

The universal question.


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