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Eating Healthy Memes

Spending all this time at home during shelter-in-place is inspiring many to turn a new leaf. Everyone you talk to on Zoom is trying to cook at home more, eat healthy, eat organic, and eat less meat. Is it working? Check out these eating healthy memes and you be the judge.

Meme Featuring A Picture Of Brocoli Flipping The Bird With The Caption I Hate Brocoli

Feeling is mutual!

Meme Featuring Mac And Cheese And A Caption According To Mac And Cheese Box I'M A Family Of Four

Not feeling so lonely anymore.

Meme Featuring A Dog Looking Sad In An Open Fridge With The Caption When You Bought Healthy Food And Now There Is Nothing Good To Eat

Sad face.

Meme Featuring A Kiss Chocolate And A Second Picture With A Bunch Of Candy Wrappers With Caption It All Started With A Kiss

Totally caved.

Meme Featuring Being On A Diet Means Pizza Cut Into 3 Slices Instead Of 6

That’s 3 less slices.

Meme Of A Priest Staring At Fridge Hoping Something Good To Eat Appears

Divine inspiration has to hit me…

Meme Featuring A Neon Sign Saying Italian Af With Caption Cooks Frozen Pizza Successfully

It’s home made!

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Meme Featuring A Dog With Cake In Its Mouth With Caption Me Feeling Slightest Amount Of Stress After Vowing To Eat Healthy

We’re all stressed right now… cut me some slack!

Meme Featuring A Pan Of Spinach Before Cooking And After Cooking

How does that happen?

Meme Featuring A Pan Of Kale With Caption If You Stir Coconut Oil Into Your Kale, It Makes It Easier To Scrape It Into The Trash

After 1 taste, you’ll understand the pros. Wash the taste down with this bacon wrapped grilled cheese instead!

Meme Featuring A Plate Of Toast And Baked Beans Arranged Artistically After Watching Masterchef

It’s all in the presentation.

Meme Featuring A Knife Half Hanging Over Sink As The Symbol Of Maybe I'Ll Make 2 Sandwiches But I'M Not Sure Yet

Cunning linguist.

Meme Showing An Annoyed Dog Captioned With When You Can'T Reach The Last Pringle


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