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Want To See The First Aerial Test Of The F-35’s Gatling Gun? Well Here It Is.

Not to long ago Lockheed martin conducted their first aerial test of the f-35’s gatling gun, the GAU-22/A. This weapon can fire 3,300 25mm rounds a minute. The testing of the F-35’s gatling gun was actually very successful but the GAU-22/A won’t be ready to go own some bad guys until 2019 because they are still developing the software. After this check out the Mach Loop.

Want To See The First Aerial Test Of The F35 Gatling Gun Well Here It Is Gif

Lockheed Martin tested the F-35’s gatling gun a few weeks ago. It’s called the GAU-22/A, it can fire 3,300 25mm rounds per minute, and it is more precise but not as powerful as the car-sized A-10’s GAU-8 Avenger. While the GAU-22/A has been successfully tested, the weapon won’t be ready for combat till 2019. The reason: They are still developing its control software.


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