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Meet Natsu The Long Jumping Dog – Watch Him Jump Over 20 feet

Natsu is a dog that lives down in Portugal and is a part of the Royal Dogs team and was actually a champion pooch in 2015. The Royal Dogs have a Facebook page you can check out here. After this check out the largest Pit Bull in the world.

“Is it too late for this dog to qualify for the Rio Olympics?
An incredible video shows a dog named Natsu catching some serious air as it runs down a track and catapults itself off a wooden platform.
Natsu, who lives in Portugal, is part of an athletic team of dogs that train and compete in events like the long jump, vertical climbing and free jumps.
Watch as he seems to float on effortlessly through the air while his trainer runs several steps along the sidelines with an old tire on a stick to egg him on. Via – DailyMail

Natsu Champion Long Jump Dog


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