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Originally posted on November 13, 2017 @ 6:49 pm

Great Inspirational Quote Collection

Love what you do.



Are you alive? Well, then there you go.



It should be your best friend or else you’ll be unhappy.




it can be hard to remember, however.



Take those big grand chances.



You’re going to make mistakes, it’s impossible to go through life without them so don’t worry.



You can help you.



Be a big thinker, dream big.



Underestimating you will be the worst mistake.



Never stop learning and loving.



How would you like your life to be simple? How are you complicating it?



You know the answer…will you go for it?



Why go down that one? You won’t grow.



You know they’re worth it though. 



That’s the only way you’ll get what you need and what you want.



You can be great. You know you can.



Be inspired and embrace your inner Xena.



Stop looking for excuses.



Freaking out and worrying can just lead to more worrying.



Step out of it, discover the world.



Life isn’t made to always follow the rules.



Just know that and don’t care.



You have more courage and opportunity than you know.



What will you do with this life? What will you create?



Others will limit you, don’t let them.



There’s great power in being a leader.



So get up, get going, get started.



Don’t let fear rule you.



It’s worth it. 



There’s got to be rain just as much as there’s got to be sun.



Sometimes you can never trick yourself.



The reward at the end is worth the rest of it.

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