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Planning on spending a lot of time in the woods thanks to the ever-present threat of coronavirus? Maybe you just want to get outside and enjoy the wonderful sights and sounds of nature. Or the idea of backyard camping with your kids seems fun. Make any camping adventure comfortable and exciting with the amazing QUOMOTOP Camping Tent, the instant assembly tent big enough for your entire family.

A Simple-to-Use Tent for Anyone

Camping Tent

The QUOMOTOP Camping Tent features easy set-up because it’s a fold-up tent. Just open it up, and it goes from closed to open in 1 minute. The tent is also freestanding which means you don’t have to stake it into the ground. There’s no clumsy poles to mess with, no annoying rope and no ridiculous instructions. Any of the tents are perfect for the beginner camper. However, you do have the option of staking these tents if you like. 

Tent Set Up

A Tent for the Whole Family

If you’re a backyard camper, you probably want to find a tent that’s big enough for you and the kids. No problem! The  QUOMOTOP Camping Tent comes in several capacities. You can choose from their variety of models: 4-person, 6-person, 8-person, or 10-person. Each version is easy to set up and features the same great construction. Details vary with the models but all offer a surprising amount of room. 

Tent With Mattress

The 4-person and 6-person sizes can accommodate 1 queen-sized air mattress, while the 8-person and 10-person tents fit 2 queen-sized air mattresses. The 8-person tent also features 2 rooms with a divider.  Each tent features at least 1 storage bag, double-layered windows with a take-off rain roof, and a waterproof layer with a zipper. There’s also mosquito protection with the tents’ mesh screens. One cool feature of the tents’ design is that the fly positioning is color-coded so you won’t need to rotate the fly repeatedly when you set it up. Each tent has a 1-minute long setup, and can easily be done by a single person, however, it’s recommended you use 2 people for the larger tents.

The QUOMOTOP Camping Tents have a standard color scheme of blue and yellow, which could be a drawback if you don’t enjoy those colors. However, their performance and user-friendly design quickly outweigh this for me. 

Person Tent

Where to Buy the QOMOTOP Tent

You can purchase these tents right at Amazon, and they’re available via Prime. The product information promises a 3-5 working day delivery, so you can make a camping reservation on Monday, and have your new tent by the weekend. 

The brand also sells camping mattresses that are self-inflating with a dual use bag. You can choose between a Double Camping Mattress that’s 80 x 52 inches or the Single Camping Mattress which is 80 x 28.  Those too are available on Amazon.

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