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TFB Short Clips

Originally posted on August 2, 2017 @ 6:35 pm

39 of the Best Minion Memes

You know there will be at least 3 people who do so!

You gave a valiant effort, autocorrect. I just need to try a smaller word…

Like, who do you think I am?

When your legs are like “Let’s have a dance party!” and your mind says “Let’s think of everything you ever did wrong.”

DON’T you tell me to calm down. You’re the reason I’m needing to calm down!

See? This is why it pays not to do anything, because then you save yourself the stress!

Thanks dogs for giving me these very specific set of skills.

Then you can at least laugh at what happened and try again!


Yes, this is now one of my skills. Of course, I may only use it for good and not evil. Um.. if I can remember.

Can someone tell me how to switch them?!

Let’s admit it: You trusted me. Is this on you or me?

They would run so far away!

Yeah, thanks brain!

So there you go! Thanks to you, I did it!

Take heed to these instructions!

Watch what you’re saying!

Like, I did so many wild and unwise things!

It gets a little wild in there!


That’s some serious accomplishment. Where’s my gold star?

Why do I care?!

But at least I KNOW it.

You know you need to raise your hand.

Can I turn it off and then back on again?

You can have it!


*goes back into room* Wait, what…

Better to not get into that habit just in case.

Just leave all the things were they are. See, mom, nothing good comes of cleaning. I’m just being extra-careful.

Ugh, it’s so tiring remembering all of these things.

Shhhhh brain.

I don’t even… wait, what was I saying?

The worst crime he could’ve committed when it came to theft!

Everyyyyyy day?

No come back, i think I have some here!

I just give up!

I may have the healthiest brain out there!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

And repeat. Then the brain starts up with the anxiety and it’s a whole party!

Ahh, spooky!

It was a big one too!


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