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40 Unique Nordic Dog Name

With lockdown and worldwide travel restrictions in place, there’s no better time than now to get a puppy! Looking for a dog can be quite time consuming, but having spent this amount of time looking for the perfect dog, you’ll need an equally perfect name to go with the newest member of your family. If you’ve always wanted to get yourself one of those burly winter proof dogs like Huskies, Samoyeds or Malamutes, then feel free to pick a unique nordic dog name from our list. Otherwise, feel free to use our list of of unique nordic dog names as inspiration to come up with your own!

Cute Samoyed Puppy Deserves A Fittingly Unique Nordic Dog Name

Female Puppy or Dog Names

Female Husky In Snow

  • Finnya means “the blonde, the bright”
  • Kaya means “black bird’ in Swedish and “old sister” in Native American
  • Skye means “the adventurous one”
  • Senja means “the strong one”
  • Freya means “noble woman” in Old Norse
  • Linnea means “small pink mountain flower” in Sweden
  • Lumi means “the light” in Finnish
  • Alva means “female elf” in Scandinavian
  • Anouk means “grace”
  • Greta means “the pearl” in Old German


More Female Dog or Puppy Names

Male Samoyed On Ledge

  • Ylva means “She- Wolf”
  • Lea means “meadow” in Old English
  • Tanja means “the fairy queen”
  • Maya means “of the sea”
  • Astrid means “godly strength”
  • Esya means “a kind of clay” in Old Norse
  • Una means “white wave”
  • Siri means “beautiful victory” in Old Norse
  • Elin means “beautiful woman” in Scandinavian
  • Saga means “fairy tale” and “the seeing one” in Old Norse


Male Puppy or Dog Names

4 Huskies Pulling A Sled

  • Nanook means “polar bear” in Inuit
  • Gunnar means “fighter” in Old Norse
  • Loki mans “God of mischief”, “trickster”
  • Odin means “rage” but also father of all Norse gods
  • Thor means “god of thunder
  • Björn means „bear“ in Norwegian
  • Knut means „knot“ , also king of Denmark
  • Magnus means “power house”
  • Mikka means “who is like God”
  • Inari means a town in Northern Finland


More Male Dog or Puppy Names

2 Samoyeds In Snow

  • Snorri means “attack” in Old Norse
  • Sven means “young worrior” or “boy”
  • Jasper means “treasurer”
  • Kai means “keeper of the keys”
  • Lars means “victory”
  • Finn means the “light one”, “blonde one”
  • Narfi means “demon of the dead”, is the son of Loki in Norse Mythology
  • Hakkon means “high son”
  • Olaf means “descendent of”
  • Leif means “successor”

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