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20. The Cave

Cave 1

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It’s quite magical when a relic or structure from our past is uncovered, revealing the secrets of history. Sometimes, what is uncovered is a doorway into another time, found right in our own backyards. For one man, the mystery and rumor of a hidden world lead him to something unexpected…

19. The Photographer

Cave 2

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Michael Scott, not the manager from The Office, but the professional photographer, was looking for his next exciting project. He had heard rumors about a cave located in an old English farmhouse and he found himself discovering something you only see in the movies. His life suddenly turned into something more like an Indian Jones movie…

18. Shropshire, England

Kempton Shropshire England From Merry Hill

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Michael Scott is from Birmingham, England, and he had started to hear rumors about something from a long time ago, resurfacing in a town named Shropshire. He went to Shropshire to learn more about the rumors swirling about, where locals told him of a place that goes deep beneath the earth, caves that were essentially kept secret for all this time. Supposedly, not even her Majesty herself knew about them…

17. The Perfect Project

02 Knights Templar Cave Discovered

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He knew this was going to be the perfect project for him, just what he was looking for; something daring, unique, and filled with adventure. This had the potential to be really, really, big. All he could hope was that they weren’t just rumors, but stories of the truth.

16. The Trek


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Of course, the caves weren’t going to be located right off the roadway. They were hidden deep within the English countryside, and Michael and to make a trek to get there. He took photos along the way, noting his long and grassy journey.

15. Locating It


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Finding it wasn’t as easy as he thought it was going to be, he told interviewers,“But if you didn’t know it was there you would just walk right past it”. He said he listened to what locals were saying about how rabbits used the caves as burrows, so he kept his eyes peeled.

14. He Found It

04 Knights Templar Cave Discovered

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The hours were ticking by, and Michael began to get a little frustrated. He thought maybe they were just rumors after all. Just when he thought all hope was lost he found it! Despite the small appearance, the entrance leads into something deep and magnificent…

13. The Underground

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Rabbit Hole

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It turns out, the entrance leads to a series of underground caverns if you will. Caves and rooms that were clearly built for a specific purpose. But what was that purpose?…

12. Tight Fit


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The small opening is a tight fit, which then leads into another small chamber that makes you think it’s not meant for humans. But then, it opens up into many larger chambers. Michael had to climb on his hands and knees to make it past the entrance.

11. The Rooms


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Although the other chambers were larger, they were still rather short. Anyone 6ft or taller would have to bend down to avoid knocking your head on the ceiling. What seemed crazy, was the fact that all of these were just merely a meter underground.

10. Untouched

08 Knights Templar Cave Discovered

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The intricate construction was so interesting; and so was the fact that these series of chambers looked to be unused or even touched by a human hand in centuries. He was starting to believe that maybe the rumors of medieval activity were true…

9. Dark And Quiet


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At first, the caves were not so inviting to look at. They were dark, damp, and quiet Michael reported,“I had to crouch down and once I was in it was completely silent. There were a few spiders in there but that was it”. With that description, were surprised anyone wanted to explore these spooky caves.

8. Cayntons

Img 7878

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The caves that were formed with archways and walkways are actually called caynton caves, that are carved out of sandstone. It was starting to become clear that these might have actually been created by the Knights Templar, as the rumors suggested…

7. Knights Templar

Gettyimages 51240624 H

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The Knights Templar are a medieval Catholic military group, that most likely crafted the caverns as places for them to meet in secret. The group was founded in 1119 and was made up of some of the wealthiest and most powerful, and were closely tied to the crusades.

6. The Knights


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These rumors made sense because the Knights were given many privileges, including being backed by the Catholic Church directly. They would have met in secret, as well as used the secrecy of these caves for initiating people and conducting government business. Their meeting places would have had to be kept a tightly guarded secret, so perhaps they were forgotten about until now.

5. 700 Years Old

95043755 Caters Knights Templar Cave 3

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Although at the time of the discovery it was raining and wet out, the caves were perfectly dry and preserved inside. If they really were created by the Knights Templar, that meant the caves were over 700 years old. A true living monument of our past.

4. Other Templars

3F8Dd70500000578 4439366 Image A 10 1493027618531

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The Templars wore their distinct red cross on their chest and were known for their holy white uniforms. Most of them were elite and highly skilled knights, but not all were. Some were not warriors but more like accountants, who were in charge of dealing with the economics involved with the Catholicism. They were also in charge of creating safe havens and even hideouts.

3. Different Rumors

Pay Knights Templar Cave

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Basing his knowledge on what he had heard, he was inclined to believe the KT story. However, other rumors indicated that the caves were much older, and used for a variety of purposes throughout history. Some even believed that the caves were used for Solstice rituals or for ancient Halloween purposes.

2. Secretive Nature


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Although other rumors have arisen, the Knights Templar scenario makes the most sense. Especially taking into consideration that much of England had lost faith in them after the Holy War was lost and their secretive nature began to cause conflict. People knew of how cult-like the Templar could be, so they began wondering what else they were hiding…

1. Brought To An End

Main Stunning Cave

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King Philip was in massive debt and had many good reasons to end the order, and so he did. He even went as far as to arrest and torture many of the members that were held at such high regard. Many of them died, and many believe the ones that survived continued to meet in secret, in caves just like this…


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