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OK Boomer Memes

Over the past couple of year, OK Boomer memes have been making the rounds roasting baby boomers for complaining to Gen Z and Millennials to get off their smartphones and read a book. The endless complaints from the older and self professed “Greatest Generation” have led to an uprising on the internet in the form of OK Boomer memes. This wave of Okay Boomer memes serve both as an outlet for these young generations’ collective frustration and as a seemingly harmless but heinously offensive expression in response to any nags from someone older than them.

This attitude was laid bare during the COVID pandemic, as many young people jokingly called the coronavirus “Boomer Remover” due to the viruses more deadly effect on older people. However, humor is often the best way to dispel frustration and depression. So given the current situation, we feel it appropriate to share the best “OK Boomer” memes so that younger generations can laugh a little, and boomers might laugh at themselves a little. Because let’s face it. We can ALL use a laugh right about now.

Ok Boomer Meme On When Boomers Ask About Going Viral

2020 trumps OK Boomer?

Ok Boomer Meme Satirizing When A Teenager Uses Phone

Why don’t you go read a book.

Ok Boomer Meme About Boomers Complaining Young People Rely On Technology

Takes one to know one?

A Boomer Doesn'T Get Ok Boomer Memes

Is that me?

Meme Making Fun Of Baby Boomer Complaining About No Whales At Seaworld

I can’t deal with change!

Meme Making Fun Of Boomers Believing Everything On Internet

How can they print that if it’s not real?

Meme Making Fun Of Boomers Making Fun Of Young Generation Wanting To Start A Revolution


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Typical Ok Boomer Meme To Respond To Any Criticisms From Older People

Nuff said.

Ok Boomer Meme Making Fun Of How Boomers Are Tech Illiterate

Wow that’s just amazing. You must be some kind of genius!

Bart Simpson Ok Boomer Meme To Respond To Any Criticism

Why don’t you get a job!

Meme Making Fun Of People Who Don'T Know They Are Boomers

Join the club.

Meme Comparing Ok Boomer To NwordDon’t you dare say OK B**mer!

An Ok Boomer Meme Used To Respond To Dad'S Criticism

I just wanna buy it ok?

Comparing Boomer Safety Attitude From 1975 To Today

Our middle name was “Danger”!

Boomer Meme Showing Jokes Different Generations Laugh At

Thanks Daddy ATM!

Ok Boomer Meme Laughing At 24 Year Olds Getting Called Boomers

Get over it!

Ok Boomer Meme Making Fun Of Old People Who Demand Respect

That’s right! Respect your elders! They’ve earned it! LOL!

Ok Boomer Meme Depicting Iron Man And Spiderman

Why can’t I be nothing without my suit? You’re nothing without your dentures!

Ok Boomer Meme Making Fun Of Old People Saying Young People Should Be Able To Afford A Home

Yeah, but I can afford to make long distance prank calls to someone in Nigeria just for fun!

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