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Star Wars Baby Yoda Monopoly Edition


Baby Yoda aka The Child from the Disney Plus series The Mandalorian is still one of the cutest things in the galaxy. And if you’ve been wanting some more Baby Yoda merchandise, well, you’re in luck! A set of Baby Yoda-themed board games is hitting store shelves, including the anticipated Star Wars The Child Edition Monopoly from Hasbro. 

Star Wars The Child Edition Monopoly

Monopoly Baby Yoda Star Wars

Suitable for players ages 8 and up, this new Star Wars-themed game is inspired by the settings of The Mandalorian series. Instead of Hotels and Houses, you will buy Hideouts and Common houses, according to the product copy:

“Imagine traveling around the galaxy with The Child, or affectionately known as “Baby Yoda” by fans. This Monopoly: Star Wars The Child edition board game features themes and artwork inspired by The Mandalorian live-action TV series on Disney Plus. Move around the gameboard as The Child, buy and sell Hideouts and Common Houses, and follow the actions on the Camtono cards and Bounty Puck cards. The last player remaining after everyone else has gone bankrupt wins the game!”

Monpoly Star Wars Baby Yoda Edition

Each player can play as a different picture of Baby Yoda. Hasbro and Disney made sure that no fans would fight over who would get to be Baby Yoda, so they created 4 cardboard tokens: The Child in the Hoverpram, the Child with a Cup of Broth, the Child Eating a Frog, and The Child Using the Force. The whole game features a series of bright adorable images of Baby Yoda, and it will soon become a favorite for your family. 

Monopoly Baby Yoda Pieces Close

Sound fun? Get your own! Star Wars The Child / Baby Yoda Monopoly ships September 1, 2020, but you can pre-order it now below. 

Even More Star Wars Baby Yoda Board Games

If your little (or big!) Baby Yoda fan wants even more of The Child in a board game format, there’s also The Mandalorian Trouble and Operation editions.

Mandalorian Trouble is the classic Trouble board game with a Star Wars twist. It’s suitable for players 5 and up. Players are in a race to rescue the child as they travel around a planet-themed board and the first player to get all 4 of their pawns to the Home space wins. You can choose to play as Mando, IG-II the Droid, Cara Dune, or Kuill. 

Trouble Star Wars Mandalorian



Mandalorian Baby Yoda Operation Board Game

Although the name may be Operation, you’re not operating on Baby Yoda! The game involves you trying to remove objects from Baby Yoda’s grasp. Use the tweezers to remove objects like a frog, cup, and egg. Just like the traditional Operation game, a buzzer sounds when you touch the sides. It’s a good game for kids, and is a good way to practice hand-eye coordination too. Suitable for ages 6 and up.



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