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20 Hilarious Nursing Quotes

20 Hilarious Nursing QuotesPoor nurses. Best day. The truth. Ah nurses. They work tirelessly. You do. The Pams. Great hero. You're the best. Nope! Enjoy y... Read More...
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25 Great and Smart Quotes

25 Great and Smart Quotes That's the best determination. The best for last.Ask yourself these. Remember. Deep. Wait for it. Words to emulate. Even if it doe... Read More...

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25 Funny Quotes

25 Funny Quotes I mean, they're so good. I mean, they're so healthy! 100% fat free there. Why do they clap?I was done with you last night. So go for it. There's... Read More...
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22 New Funny Quotes

22 New Funny QuotesPoor parents.That's the life.Yeah, I'd hate yoga.They aren't formal?Works for moms. Ahh.It's hard to tell sometimes. With texts, yep.And th... Read More...

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