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This is what you get when you stick a big ol’ saw blade on the back of a jon boat.

Maybe a saw blade powered jon boat thing? Call it what you want, this thing is pretty awesome. This thing is just as crazy as the Swamp Traxx. Whoever came up with the idea of sticking some metal tubing and a saw onto a jon boat is either a genius or crazy. I’ll go with genius. This thing runs across the ice like it’s nothing. A hell of a lot better than dragging a sled full of all your equipment across the lake. And hell, if you fall through the Ice, you’re already in a boat.

 This Viral video of an ice sled used for transportation across ice utilizes a John Boat and metal pipe runners. The old gas engine has a centrigal clutch that engages the large saw blade that bites into the ice and gives it forward momentum. Forrunner to snowmobile.

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