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33 Bold Inspiring Quotes on Curiosity and Learning

Quote I Am Not Teacher

Awaken a curious spirit.

Quote Curiosity Is One

Know it. Cherish it.

Quote Much Of What

Keep on being curious.

Quote Your Curiosity

Stretch it.

Quote We Learn More

Sometimes it’s the journey that teaches us.

Quote When Curious

And isn’t that wonderful?

Quote Satisfaction Of 1

Stay curious, keep learning to stay happy.

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Quote Knowing Answers

Both are valuable, but questioning opens more doors.

Quote Research Is

Don’t be afraid to research!

Quote We Must Dare

Think the impossible and unthinkable.

Quote Art Teaching

Aid them in discovery.

Quote Personally Like

Learn how you can.

Quote Voyage Discovery

How will you see today?

Quote You Can Steer

Go forth!

Quote Learn With Pleasure

It’s ingrained.

Quote Develop Passion

Develop it and foster it.

Quote No One Perfect

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes as you learn.

Quote Never Learned

New viewpoints shape us.

Quote Anyone Who

Stay curious to stay young!

Quote Optimism Helen 5

Do things with optimism.

Quote Every Child Is

Don’t let that die.

Quote Teachers Open

Step in.

Quote We Now Accept

Learn what you can and teach others too.

Quote Dont Care

Show them.

Quote Take Attitude

You’re always learning.

Quote When You Learn

Give it all.

Quote Unless You Try 1

Jump out beyond the comfort zone.

Quote Always Walk

Because there’s always something to learn!

Quote Experience Is Something

That’s how you grow.

Quote Kid Dont Remember

So be a good one.

It Is So Important To Allow Children To Bloom And To Be Driven By Their Curiosity.” – May Britt Moser

Play and learn along with them.

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