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AlgoBrix Toys Set Empowers Kids With Addictive Coding Skills

If you are a parent to a beautiful kid, I believe that AlgoBrix is a product worth having. Especially if those little firecrackers are aged between 5 – 13 year old, you should buy AlgoBrix blocks game right away. The more important question is what AlgoBrix is and why is it so damn important? Read on…

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AlgoBrix Explained in a Nutshell

About a year and a half ago, a bunch of very genius people decided to build a next gen blocks set for kids. You see, they wanted to go out of the box by creating something that would be applicable for toddlers and growing children alike. AlgoBrix is a blocks set game. The idea is based around LEGO building blocks, but there is hell of a science involved in there.

It is safe to say that AlgoBrix was made by programmer moms and dads for kids all over the world. These beautiful blocks consist of microchips and soldered boards inside the cute plastic body. The entire blocks set is divided into blocks separated by functions and parameters etc. In a nutshell, AlgoBrix comes with sensors, motors and lights to help improve kids’ programming skills.

Algobrix Joined To Perform A Task

And Then, There are AlgoBots!

Yes, these cute little bots are part of the entire AlgoBrix blocks set. There are a total of 10 Algobots. They are designed with impeccable visual appeal; something kids are bound to love. Each Algobot can be programmed by your kids to perform any number of desired functions. The blocks and bots can be directed to move in a certain way.

Illustration Of Algobrix Algobots

If your kid makes a mistake in assembling the blocks the corresponding LED light will warn him or her of the error. A little flashing red LED light grows up as error message. All the more, AlgoBrix is backed up by a couple of industry leaders who are already well known in their fields. YouTube CEO: Susan Wojcicki recently said, “Learning to code makes kids feel empowered, creative and confident.” Likewise, other internet celebrities have more or less same views about AlgoBrix Coding Learning Blocks Game.

AlgoBrix  Is Just Like Real Coding But Extremely Easy and Interactive

The best part about AlgoBrix is that it was created by keeping youngsters in mind. I have to admit, even my IFTTT algorithm and programming skills are shabby. However, by trying out AlgoBrix, I can certainly vouch for the product’s quick learning curve. Besides, the blocks are oodles of fun to play with.

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It is just like your traditional LEGO set. The only difference is that while you and your kids are building something, they have a purpose in mind. They can program the blocks and AlgoBots to perform tasks such as moving, maneuvering around objects, picking up smaller blocks – so on and so forth.

The comprehensive patented AlgoBrix Code Learning Blocks work like a real code. I am sure, at some point in your life, you have seen flowcharts. Think of the blocks’ function as flowchart model. You plan a layout in a step-by-step format and then you place the blocks accordingly. I mean, not you, your kids do that while you watch over them.

Red Algobrix Ready For Deployment

AlgoBrix Code Leaning Blocks Set Gets Better and Better

Did I mention that these blocks are LEGO compatible? Yes, I did. But, what if your little ones want to actually add their existing LEGO blocks to the game? I believe that they can do it easily. The only difference will be that LEGO blocks will not perform the desired function. But still, it will be a fun thing to do. As far the building factor is concerned, the LEGO and AlgoBrix duo will do it flawlessly.

Each AlgoBrix box set comes complete with an easy-to-follow manual and over 200 activity cards. Some AlgoBrix sets may have a lesser or more number of cards; it depends on your payment and package deal. The point is that these cards consist of hundreds of written activities in a very colorful format. You kids can read and follow those activities to master the art of programming with AlgoBrix.

Kid Picking Up Next Algobrix Activity Card In The Stack

These activity cards are split up according to difficulty levels (*Basic, Intermediate, Advanced). Simple entry level cards involve missions and questions to teach kids foundational programming skills. The AlgoBrix kit will take your son or daughter over a course of complex tasks. These tasks involve pointers, sensors, LEDs and sounds. At the end of each AlgoBrix mission, kids are rewarded with music tracks, sounds and tons of other stuff.

So, what do you think? Is it time to try a new toy for your kids? As a father, I am all up for AlgoBrix any time of the day. Think about it? Would you want your young son or daughter to have a lifeless doll or something additive such as AlgoBrix? You know it better than I do.

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