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How far would you go to save the life of your dog? Well, a group of young kids decided to battle it off with an enormous snake to save their dog! When a snake wrapped himself around their beloved dog, these kids knew that they had to put up a fight. You’ll be blown away by the brave actions of these kids and how this fight ended!

20. Pets

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Image: jornalistaintolerante. Com. Br

How many of you own a pet? We can bet that almost everyone either owns one currently or has once owned a pet that was quite dear to them. If so, then you know just how much a pet becomes a part of your family.

19. Dogs

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Image: rspca nsw

One of the most popular pets that many people get is a dog! Dogs are one of the friendliest furry companions that you can ever come across. Anyone that has owned a dog can attest to the love they feel from their pal.

18. Strong Bonds

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Humans and dogs are able to develop a strong bond between each other as well. Scientists have even been able to prove that the love shared between a human and their dog is mutual. When dogs and humans look into each other’s eye, high levels of oxytocin is released!

17. Feel-Good Hormones

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Image: cuteness

Oxytocin is a feel-good hormone that is responsible for the fuzzy feeling we get when we spend time with our dogs! In fact, this is the same hormone that is released when new parents stare into the eyes of their newborn baby. This explains a lot behind why we love dogs so much.

16. Family Members

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Image: plexidoor pet doors

Our dogs quickly become more than a pet, however. They easily become a part of our family and we love them until the end. That’s why, if something bad were to happen to them we take it very seriously. That happens to be the case with a group of young boys whose dog was being attacked.

15. Outdoors

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Image: youtube

A sweet dog that belonged to three young boys was hanging out outside as usual. However, the area that the young boys live in is pretty close to a jungle wilderness. That’s how the dog found itself in trouble...

14. Unexpected Attack

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Image: youtube

The dog was happily hanging out when out of nowhere a snake appeared. It seems that the snake had been scoping out the dog for some time. The snake had been planning to attack the dog when it least expected it!

13. Attacking

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Image: youtube

The snake continued to watch the unassuming dog from the grass. Then, when the dog had its back turned, the snake decided to pounce. It quickly wrapped itself around the body of the dog and began to attempt to squeeze the dog tight.

12. Helpless

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Image: daily mail

The dog had no idea what was going on. He was being crushed by an enormous snake and it was getting more and more difficult to escape. The dog knew that he had to get help so he began to bark out for attention!

11. Barking

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Image: daily mail

The three young boys were farther away when they heard their dog barking. At first, they didn’t think too much about it. After all, their dog would often bark at random things and they just assumed that was the case once again. However, they quickly realized that the barking was going on for longer than expected.

10. Checking It Out

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Image: the sun

The three young boys quickly realized that something was wrong. They ran over in the direction of the bark and were shocked by what they saw. Their beloved dog was being wrapped up by the huge boa constrictor. What were they do to?!

9. Rescue Attempt

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Image: yahoo news uk

The boys knew that they couldn’t leave their beloved dog in the grip of the enormous snake to die. Even though it would be a dangerous rescue attempt, the boys knew they had to take the risk. They quickly reached over for some sticks and a metal table leg.

8. Hitting It

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Image: sky news

With sticks and a metal table leg in their hands, the boys began to attack the snake back. They hoped that they could coerce the snake into letting its grip go. So far the snake had managed to wrap itself around the dog’s lower body and hind legs.

7. Clenching

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Image: jacaranda fm

At first, the only thing that the boys had managed to do was further aggravate the snake. This forced the snake to clamp down even more. However, the boys weren’t going to give up that easily. They continued to try and pull the snake off the dog.

6. Unraveling

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Image: kempton express

Eventually, the boys were able to unravel the snake from the dog’s body. The boy’s continued to pull and pull until the dog had just enough room to run away. In the video footage you can see the dog run away as he was obviously happy to be free!

5. Older Boy

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Image: youtube

In the video footage, you can see one of the older boy’s grab the snake by the head and lift it up. The video then ends on that final clip and we’re left guessing what happened to the snake after. However, the video footage quickly went viral.

4. Viral Footage

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Image: the sun

Everyone on the Internet went wild after the video footage of the rescue was uploaded onto the Internet. People from all over the world were applauding the young men on their bravery. They were all so happy to see how dedicated the young men were to rescuing their dog.

3. Wonderful Commentary

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Image: youtube

People from all over left behind some pretty wonderful comments. “Amazing video. Those kids should get recognition for their bravery and the love they’ve shown to their dog,” one Facebook user wrote. Everyone was happy to see such dedication.

2. Lucky Dog

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Image: youtube

It seems that this dog got very lucky to have such dedicated owners. Without their help, the boa constrictor most likely would have been able to take the dog’s life. Fortunately, that wasn’t the case on this day!

1. Happy Owners

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Image: youtube

We can only assume that the young boys were incredibly happy when they got back to their dog. Their bravery was truly outstanding and thanks to their courageous act their dog is able to live another day!

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