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There is no denying that the bond between parent and child is a strong one. This goes for all parental relationships, whether we’re referring to human mother with her toddler or a mama bear and her cub. Here’s 20 of the cutest photos showcasing the tender moments between animals and their offspring. Your heart will melt at #11 & #6.

20. Polar Bear Mama

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This mama polar bear means business and her cub knows it! She has to get him out of the house somehow to get some peace and quiet. “Go out and play with your friends, it’s time for mom’s quiet time.”

19. Foxy

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There’s nothing sweeter than playing around with your parents. This little fox is giving his parent a loving little nibble. So precious!

18. Mama Bear

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Who doesn’t love to take a refreshing dip in the water? This baby cub is learning how to swim and having fun in the process. Next we have a cuddle session that is too cute to miss out on!

17. Little Birds

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No, this isn’t a new species of bird that has way more legs that usual. This happens to be a mama bird keeping her young warm. That looks like a super awesome cuddle party!

16. Booties

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Looking at an animal from behind has never looked so cute! Just take a look at these adorable mama hippo and hew new calf enjoying a swim. The size difference is one of the cutest parts!

15. Ducklings

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Here we have a beautiful mother swan protecting her little ducklings. They’re hiding off in mom’s warm wings while they’re still small enough to do so. Next we have a mom that has her hands full with a collection of babies.

14. Group Gathering

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These little opossums are definitely testing out their mom’s balancing abilities. They’re all ready to hang on for as long as possible.

13. Comfy Seat

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Is there any better moment than getting a piggy back ride on one of your parent’s? Well, this little bird seems to agree with that sentiment as well. Look at how comfy they look.

12. Lazy Day

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Parents are there to carry you through the good times and the bad. Sometimes, that even includes the lazy times. This little guy decided to doze off in the middle of an outing.

Next, we have a giant cat giving some of the biggest kisses you’ve ever seen!

11. Big Kisses

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“Mom, c’mon! All of my friends are around and can see.” Just look at how much that mama tiger loves her cub. The cub, however, doesn’t look too thrilled to receive such a slobbery kiss.

10. Lunch Time

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There’s no better time to bond with your parents than over a nice lunch. These little mice seem to think so too. Just look at that crunchy blade of grass, they’re eating lavish today!

9. Family Walks

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Family walks are always fun and these two parents are supervising their little one as he accompanies them. It’s almost impossible to believe that the tiny cub will one day be as big as his parents.

8. Kicking Back

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This mama sea otter decided to take her baby out for a nice swim. Looks like they were caught off guard by the camera in their face.

7. Trunk Love

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Just take a look at this baby elephant holding onto its mama’s trunk. This is equivalent to walking around holding your mom’s hand.┬áNext, we have a tender moment shared by the tallest animals in the world

6. Loving Moments

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This baby giraffe is sharing a precious and loving moment with their mama. You can just feel the love radiating from this photo.

5. Cuddle Time

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This mama bird is making sure that her babies stay put and by her side. The babies on the hand look like they’re enjoying the warmth and comfort from under her wings. We wouldn’t want to mess with this mama bird.

4. Overprotective Mom

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There are overprotective mom’s in every species. This mama lion definitely looks ready to pounce on anyone that would think of even looking at her cub the wrong way. This cub knows he’s well protected – look how relaxed he is.

3. Newborn

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How many of us can relate to the moment of holding our newborn baby in our arms? This squirrel is holding onto their precious baby in the most honest way. This is quite the photo capture.

2. Family Get Together

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This photo is the perfect example of a family gathering. All of the cousins get together while all of the adults hang out and talk. Looks like a fun time.

1. Bear Kiss

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Finally, we have a beautiful moment shared between this mama bear and her cub. This sweet little kiss is enough to melt even the coldest heart!


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